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The Dirt #154, brought to you by Troy Kurtz + aRod, is stacked from top to bottom with diverse sounds and alluring tracks, all for your listening pleasure.  Find 10 ready to download songs that range from a grip of unreleased demos to tasty bootlegs that breathe new life into familiar tunes. Come in and catch a vibe.

TK .ZIP [5 Tracks, 42 MB]
aRod .ZIP [5 Tracks, 58MB]

The Dirt #154: Troy Kurtz + aRod

Troy Kurtz + aRod

Pic: Clayton Wolfe

Thought I’d do a quick post for you guys this week as I’ve gotten some great stuff in my inbox over the past week or so. There’s a little bit of everything in here so check them all out and see which of them are up your alley. Have a good Veteran’s Day tomorrow!
Amazing housey track here. Just put me in a good mood. RIP MJ. Check out evenflO’s website here.
You know what to expect here and you get it. Mean track. (cheers sean)
Play this in your living room at 5AM when it gets weird.
Another feel good uppity dubstep track from the talented Jakwob.
Hope you enjoy this wonderful cornucopia of different sounds and give a high-5 to someone you don’t know tomorrow. Never know, it could make your day.

I am addicted to this remix. It’s fun, it’s beautiful, I’m about it. Matamatics adds what could almost be called the DiscoTech treatment to “Best I Ever Had,” which I’d occasionally (and very secretly) bop my head to when it came on the radio en route to whatever venue of inebriation summer 2k9 was currently offering me. Feel good synth arrangements and tastefully chopped & spliced vocals cascade tidily over a mellowed down electro beat so good it’ll get you out of bed in the morning and straight to sipping passion fruit mimosas. You’ll like what you hear and download his Imogen Heap remix and original production as well, of course, both of which are lush and soaring. The aesthetic of “Zenith” reminds me a bit of DANGER actually, always a good thing.
photo: Greg Burnett

Drake – Best I Ever Had (matamatics Remix)
Imogen Heap – Headlock (matamatics Remix)
matamatics – Zenith

Preview tracks here