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Fall is upon us and the days are getting shorter. So fire up your heater and load up on some tea and enjoy over an hours worth of expertly curated indie rock, jazz, hip-hop, and psychedelia. Featuring new music from the likes of POND, Father John Misty, Francis and the Lights, as well as Silvester, this list is best served over long conversations and brisk strolls. Be sure to follow the playlist and keep up to date as we’ll shuffle around the sounds as the season progresses! Artwork by the talented: Mariano Peccinetti


With Coachella weekend in the crosshairs, we’ve compiled a 35 track playlist highlighting a lot of the acts that’ve got us rearin’ to go. Fans of hip-hop, indie, rock, pop, house, and techno, rejoice as we do our best to cover all the bases in this behemoth of a Spotify playlist. Put your hair down, enjoy the vibes, and get ready for the ride of your life. Catch us on the polo fields wildin’ out like the kooks that we are and remember to take care of yourself and look after one another, and most importantly; DRINK MORE WATER!

After setting the internet ablaze last week with his New Slaves Routine, Craze is back with a new track called ‘Bow Down’ that features the Dade County legend, Trick Daddy. While his talent on the decks is indisputable, his foray into the production world is now well solidified with this tune. There’s a palpable level of anger in both the routine and track, and it’s clear that the DMC champion is making strides to educate a generation of dance music fans that there’s more to DJing than just pressing a button and dancing around stage like an idiot. Look for this track to drop soon on his label, Slow Roast Records.


Philadelphia duo, Louis Futon, have been nearly breaking the internet with their recent string of remixes, racking up hundreds of thousands of plays for their freshly revamped takes on topical hip hop jawns. Their most recent endeavor is a summery rework of Logic’s “Break It Down,” juxtaposing shimmering synth leads with a deep, bulbous bassline for a laid-back, feel-good anthem. The guys have made it available for free via Facebook before they announce details on their new EP, so grab the DL and keep an eye on Soundcloud for more info! √+

I know what you’re thinking. Am I really reading a post on GDD™ about Big Boi? Yes. Yes, you are. And if you’re strictly into finding the hottest bloghaus tunes in 320, then go show some love to our blog roll. If you’re like me and fancy all genres of music, then you should recognize that Big Boi‘s debut solo album is the truth. After three years in the making, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty makes my southern heart tingle from start to finish. There’s bits of funk, jazz, electro, and enough southern swag from heavy hitters T.I., Jamie Foxx, Gucci, and Outkast funnyman Andre 3000 to get you movin’. ‘Shutterbug‘, the second single on the album, is so fire I can’t even stand it. Cop the album here.

Big Boi – Shutterbug (Ft. Cutty)
Big Boi – General Patton (Ft. Big Rube)
Big Boi – Fo Yo Sorrows (Ft. George Clinton, Too Short & Sam Chris)

throwback jam
Killer Mike – My Chrome