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We’re in for a heavy one tomorrow night at CONTROL with Evol Intent, Adam F, High Rankin, and a supporting set by Deco Linkin. Also, one of my favorite producers at the moment, Gigamesh, will be spinnin’ in the Honey Lounge, providing some balance for the night with all of the bass madness in the main room. Come out and get down, it’s going to be wild! (please note that BONES is handling guestlist for tomorrow’s event)

Please RSVP names to BONES@GOTTADANCEDIRTY.COM to be on our discount ticket guestlist for the night. All names must be submitted by 5:30PM.

$15 before 10PM
$20 before 11PM

Evol Intent – We Like You Too [FREE MIX DOWNLOAD] by Evol Intent

As we roll right into Ultra music week, GDD can’t be more excited to be back at it in Miami teaming up with our brethren Overthrow to help bring you one of the first and best events going down. The Windish Agency is spreading their wings to showcase some of their brightest, newest talent in the  IVORY TOWER @ 1111 Lincoln.

LINEUP: Nadastrom, Beni, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Brenmar, High Rankin.

Ivory Tower presents a dynamic event featuring the cutting edge in music, art, fashion, and lifestyle in a world renowned architectural wonder. Designed by world famous architects Herzog and de Meuron, the 1111 Lincoln is one of the finest buildings in the city. With open air panoramic views, the building creates the sensation you are floating above the landscape and has to be experienced to be believed. The event will also present The global art collective Primary Flight, A-Morir by Kerin Rose (designer behind Lady Gaga and Rihanna’s shades), and Sole Bicycles.


And here’s a FREE mix from HIGH RANKIN he just put out for his US invasion. HEAVY.
High Rankin – America Fuck Yeah Mix (Free Download) by High Rankin

IVORY TOWER @ The 1111 Lincoln
Wednesday, March 23rd

Mako RecordsThe Proxy‘s label out of Russia, is dropping some serious noise right now. Their newest EP ‘Mad Soldier Take A Rifle’ by The Mould is a huge example of why you shouldn’t mess with Russia. Check out two of the tracks on the EP below, including a Volatile Remix that’s so frightening I don’t know when I could ever play it. That’s up to you dirty DJs out there.
Moving on, we also have half of the new EP ‘Drag On/And Then’ from Urchins. If you didn’t know, Urchins is also a part of the infamous PalmsOutSounds blog, and hail from the UK, along with the culprit responsible for the murderous remix of ‘Drag On’ on the EP– High Rankin.

Buy The Urchins Full EP in 320 on BEATPORT HERE


Now that everyone is finally recovering from Hard and this week has finally set into full speed I have some new tracks for all you kids to hear. Definitely a complete range of sounds for all of you out there. Going from some dubstep to disco to the classic electro banger sound to some fresh dutch house from one of the worlds top producers. Today’s post really has a little bit of it all.

DJ Sneak- Sourthern Girl (12th planet & Flinch Remix)
New remix off DJ Sneak’s new release by Scion. Another successful remix by this tag team remix team. Definitely highly recommended.

Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup- We No Speak Americano (High Rankin’s Bait Wobble Remix)
“Bored of a morning i decided to ask Twitter what i should do a cheeky bootleg of to give away for chuckles. Turns out they wanted a mix of No Speak Americano so i only went and bloody did one. Some people didnt quite get the joke but as i do so like to say, fuck um if they can’t take a joke. Here it is, enjoy :)straight from High Rankin’s twitter. Resulting remix actually is good. First and only dubstep mix I have heard of this song and I like it.

Congorock-Babylon (Fare Soldi – Babbylorso Remix)
*thanks to our friends @ Deathelectro
Nice disco twist to one of the biggest songs of the year. Fare Soldi is one of my favorite italian production duo’s out there. Definitely check out more of their stuff on their myspace if you have not already. Also deathelectro has an interview with them up now, go check that as well!

Aniki Ft. Whiskey Pete- Put On My Raving Kicks (Cold Blank Remix)
Another great remix from the LA based production duo Cold Blank. Check it out asap.

Dead Prez- Its Bigger Than Hip Hop (Sidney Samson Remix)
Last but not least a new track for all you dutch house fans out there. This one has all the classic feelings of a dutch house remix but at the same time goes heavier than most dutch house tunes ever dare.

Well check out these tunes and enjoy! Please support these artists further by going to beatport and checking out more their stuff!


Hollywood ‘s ELECTRO! Come on out to the Avalon this Friday for a bangarang show with headlining act Adam Freeland supported by Sharooz and GDD™ buddy Dan Oh. Who knows, you could see some pink flamingos if you’re lucky.

Please RSVP with guests’ names to JONAH@gottadancedirty.com to be on our discount reserve ticket list. Pricing this week will be as follows:
-21+: 15$ before 12am 20$ after
-18+: 20$ before 12am 25$ after

Check out this wicked video of Freeland at Glastonbury last year.

High Rankin and Evolve or Die, we featured last week with their recent Gramophonedzie remix. This week the two have teamed up again and dropped a heavier dubstep edit of Delerium‘s trance classic ‘Silence’. For enormous nostalgia value if nothing else, you need to hear this track:

12th Planet brought the house down with this track at Wednesday’s Scion party in LA. British dubstepper Flux Pavilion is getting a lot of hype at the moment; signed to Circus Records with Doctor P, he’s definitely one to watch out for this year.

photo cred: latfh.com
What up dirty dancers?! The weekend’s off to a flyer and we have some brand new beats to assist you with the next 36 hours of mayhem, before a massive week in music kicks off. May 4th is a big day for the dance, seeing the release of Rusko‘s hotly anticipated ‘O.M.G.!’ record on MadDecent (you can stream it from their site here), not to mention the follow up to 2008’s ‘Los Angeles LP’ from the Brainfeeder label’s Flying Lotus, entitled ‘Cosmogramma’. On Tuesday, Scion Audio Visual are also set to drop a new EP from Dub Police‘s veteran MC Rod Azlan, and the guys over at Scion were kind enough to send us over a promo for a first glimpse.

The record sees Azlan team up with his buddies The Others, Rusko and Markomen, who have produced some vibin’ mellow dubs for Azlan to spit over. Starkey‘s remix of ‘Jah Live’ is filled with glitchy synths and distorted basslines; replacing the roots dub feel of the Rusko produced original mix. Meanwhile, Unitz take the keys of original ‘Selektah!’ (produced by The Others) up to a major key – If the original was made for smoking zoots in underground clubs, the Unitz track takes things above ground for some beach blazin’. Check it:

One guy I’ve been paying a lot of attention to lately is Audio Phreaks artist Bar 9, from the UK. His dubs have been kicking up a lot of heat lately and his sets are annihilation on a small scale. Example‘s ‘Kickstarts’ EP is set to drop at the beginning of June, featuring remixes from the expected dutch house crowd, but this for me, is the reason you’ll want to purchase the EP on Beatport – it blows the other tracks out of the water. Bar 9 is definitely one to be keeping an eye out for in 2010, so watch this space.

One of the latest signings to the Trouble & Bass label, The Boogaloo Crew have been putting out some big tracks recently. Their remix of DRT‘s ‘Rising Sun’ was what put me onto them at the end of 2009, and this new bootleg of Jose Gonzalez ‘Crosses’ is pretty dank. From the UK, these boys have an awesome work ethic, also playing out as side-project Dark Sky, which has recently been picked up by the Bristol based Black Acre label. Dark Sky produce some sick UK Garage, keep your eyes and ears peeled for their remix of The xx ‘Crystalised’, a blitz track that’s due to drop sometime soon.
From one Trouble & Bass artist to another, AC Slater‘s just been remixed by Doorly, who GDD featured a few weeks ago. Just when I was confidently bigging up his move from dubstep to more of a funky sound, he goes and puts out another electro-dub track. Not sure what to make of this effort though, I dropped it last night into Doctor P‘s ‘Sweet Shop'; not a fan of the spin-backs, they kind of do my nut in, but take those guys out and you’ve got a pretty clean track.

Big ups to Palms Out Sounds for this next one, I picked it out of their Remix Sunday zipper last week and meant to post it sooner. Jazz and soul into dubstep; full marks for innovation. With dubs raining out of all genres, I was pretty surprised this hadn’t been done to death yet. High Rankin, a sickeningly good dubstep producer from Brighton, UK has teamed up again with Evolve or Die to produce a huge tune.
I’d describe this one as Baltimore House-step. Buying into the insanity of Gorillaz‘s nonsensical new single featuring De La Soul; Toddla slams out a melee of club house, wonky bass and the well know Lyn Collins B’more sample. Well worth a look.