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Hospital Records boss, High Contrast, has a knack for adding his uplifting Drum N Bass flair to songs you’d never expect. The most recent example of his aptitude shines is his forthcoming remix for popular UK trio, London Grammar, which will be released as part of the Strong EP on September 1st. High Contrast clings to London Grammar vocalist Hannah’s Florence Welch-like voice while upping the tempo and adding in soaring crescendos of percussion. If you haven’t, make sure to go back and have a listen to some of High Contrast’s older remixes like those for Adele or Calvin Harris. Nostalgiaaaa.

As some of you may or may not know, we’ve started up a new project here at GDD™, bringing in a video element to the brand called GDD.tv. Our team (big shout out to Alex, Laura D + KMOC) was hard at work out in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago; locking down interviews with some of the scene’s best musicians that were out in the desert for the biggest dance music festival in North America. Our brilliant videographer, Alexander Jacob, has put together a teaser video of some of the artists that we had the pleasure of chatting with, so have a quick watch and keep an eye out for the full interviews to surface in the near future!


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It was fleeting like a hot hand at the blackjack table, and just like that we were back home in Los Angeles wondering how a hectic weekend in the desert went by so fast. It was Thursday, and I had the grandiose idea of starting the weekend off by catching Richie Hawtin at Drai’s, a dark club in the underbelly of the Las Vegas Strip that played host to some of the biggest names in Techno over the weekend. Word was he wasn’t starting until 4AM, so that left some time for a quick pitstop at Benny Benassi at the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Marquee Nightclub. Marquee is what Vegas is all about. Scantily glad girls and even more scantily clad employees, and enough energy in the air to get everyone through till morning even without however many Redbull vodkas they may have in their system. Continue Reading

Good morning! It’s the first weekend of February and Billboard has a treat for all of us electronic music lovers with their latest issue “Dance Dance Evolution.” It’s crazy how far it has come in the US. Anyway, I have news featuring Electric Forest, Sasquatch Music Festival, Steve Aoki, Burning Man, Orbital, Miike Snow, High Contrast, Nicolas Jaar, & Bon Iver. Please read on after the jump.

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If you’ve never partied with any of the GDD™ fam you might not know that we tend to have our own take on the old proverb and prefer to go big and then go home. Once we’re home though, we like to take our time to collect our respective thoughts before passing them along to you, our dear dirty readers. What I’m saying is, please forgive us for the delay in delivering our 2011 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival review, but really, sorry we’re not sorry. Jonah, ///Bones, Troy Kurtz & myself (Matt Black) will be giving you our reviews of the best sets and our favorite moments from the three day marathon of mayhem known simply as Coachella.

Coachella is a truly incomparable experience. Sure there are the other major US festivals like Lolla, Sasquatch, and the ‘roo, and the major UK parties that put Coachella to shame in terms of scope and size, but the atmosphere, setting, vibe, and enthusiasm that are all part of the unique Coachella experience are truly special to me. In +90Fº weather with a belly full of +90 proof booze the journey to the Polo Fields began early Friday. I literally did not stop running for 45-minutes, sprinting ahead of and behind our party train of GDD™ friends and family, circling like a raving vulture, high-fiving anyone and everyone who would return the skin, from on-duty police and security, to fedora sporting middle-aged elitists and scantily clad ravers. +360 days of anticipation wouldn’t let my feet stop moving and they carried the GDD™ team and I straight to where we would spend a significant portion of our weekends, the mecca of rave, the Sahara Tent.MB

Check out highlights, downloadable sets, and an interview with Magnetic Man after the jump.

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Lincoln Barrett, better known to us as High Contrast has been tearing up dancefloors for years, actually getting signed back in 2000. Blending the lines between drum and bass with the likes of smooth vocals and groovy beats really holds true to his “High Contrast” name. And he’s damn good at it. Listen to the likes of these jams and try to tell me you’re not all HOT and BOTHERED.
A link to his blog highlycontrasting
beautiful lyrics over pound town beats, the best of both worlds
since we all take our weekends very seriously…

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