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Willy’s Recommendation of the Week

This week Willy’s pick is from Atlanta heavyweight, Heroes X Villains.

He says: “I’ve always been a fan of Heroes X Villains but their new record took it all to another level. This is easily my favorite tune off the EP – a mix of beautiful melodies juxtaposed with hard rhythms and heavy synths isn’t a new idea, but the way they do it is totally original and makes me jealous, even down to the tuned snare fills. Love the way everything fits together here and its the coolest song i’ve heard in a while.”

Never before has there been such a focus on ATL branded ‘trap’ music, which is great for the undisputed king of A-town Daniel Disaster (Heroes x Villians) because he’s being doing this long before it caught fire on the blogosphere. In February, he debuted his new VAVLT BOYZ project, which fuses everything from UK Funky to Gucci Mane. On the third installment of the mixtape series, VALVT resident DJ Respire takes the reigns and produces a bass heavy landscape that’s equally as lucid as it is dark.

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Creating a fresh mixtape today practically hold’s its weight in gold. You don’t need to be hustling out five gigs a week. You don’t even need to put out an EP. You just need to be original, and true to who you are. Enter the VAVLT BOYZ: savages of luxury. Comprised of Atlanta’s two most provocative figures: Heroes x Villains & BLKKMORRIS, they fuse their delinquent lifestyles together into 35 minutes of futuristic gangsterism. Shoutout to Cobrathrow, Sloppy Seconds, and strippers of the A.

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Over the next few days, we’ll be posting all the vital information to the events that we’ll be throwing in Miami next week for Miami Music Week. Once again, we’ve teamed up with OVERTHROW for the official unofficial closing party of Ultra 2011. And yes, it’s at a full nude stripclub called Gold Rush. And yes, Miami badman and multiple DMC champ Craze, along with ATL trenchstep dude Heroes x Villains, along with a bunch of other DJs including GDD’s own BONES and myself will be playing everything from Juvenile to Joker. Pre-sale tix are $10 and you must be 21 to see the tata’s. Infamous photographer Bronques of lastnightsparty.com will be capturing the debauchery, so if you drink too much and forget what the stripper who gave you a lap-dance looked like, we’ll have documentation.

I’ll leave you with a good idea of what will be happening as featured in Caligula‘s music video for their track ‘Light in the Dark’ off their EP titled ‘The Rise

Oh, and there’s probably gonna be some Moombahton in there too.

Troy Kurtz & Damaged Goods – Cabo Fuego (Original Mix) by Troy Kurtz