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Tomorrow, the debut album from New Yorkers Designer Drugs, is set to drop on Ultra Records. With Hardcore/Softcore, I’d say the duo have hit the nail on the head title-wise, producing an ambitious record of musical binaries that ranges from dirty overdriven electro, to mellow sounding electro-house. Finally out on a full length, ‘Drop Down’ is a fan favorite that I’m sure you dirty dancers are already familiar with, while recent release ‘Through The Prism’ is a dark and sinister electro banger.

‘Dead Meat’ is a minute long squelchy dubstep interlude, which provides some cheeky respite between the jacking rave anthem ‘Face Melter’, and the disco infused ‘Crazy For You’ which features the alluring vocals of Norwegian singer Annie.

Album finale ‘Into the Light’ holds an alarming similarity to sped up Justice, and the music of futuristic indie trio Muse, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just serves to illustrate that Designer Drugs have cast the genre net pretty wide with this album. Something I’m glad about, because listening to 60 minutes of abrasive punk-infused electro with no contrast is something that would do my head in. I’d love to hear them explore the avenues they hint at in soundbites: ‘Dead Meat’ and the classically progressive ‘Purgatory’, because they just seem to hang there, teasing the listener rather than providing a cohesive stepping stone to the next track.

Yet that’s the only criticism I have, because overall Hardcore/Softcore is an impressive and versatile debut, placing Designer Drugs among the frontrunners in American electro-house today. You can expect a whole lot more from these guys.

Get your mitts on: ‘Crazy For You’, ‘Drop Down’, ‘Face Melter’, ‘Into the Light’, and ‘Through The Prism’

Ultra are currently giving away Drop The Lime‘s remix of ‘Through The Prism’, so cop it here:

Designer Drugs – Through The Prism (Drop The Lime Remix) by ultrarecords