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So many good things come in 3’s. Threesomes, Hanson, Lord Of The Rings, and The Dirt #62. This week, our weekly curation features submissions from 3 of us here at GDD™, including Troy Kurtz, burn unit, and yours truly. I’d say this might be my favorite Dirt in a while, but I’ll let you guys decide. Have a listen below and head over to the GDD™ Facebook page to download the .zip with all of the tracks! Continue Reading

On a Sunday night, in a beach town not so far away from you, I cracked open a Pacifico and began to ponder what I would do as the elusive evening drew closer and city lights began to flicker on. I decided to soul-search and ate a few silver-striped mushrooms out of an old embroidered Chinese box I had hidden beneath the dock. As I walked along the beach, the sand softly tickled my toes and the waves crashed in a perfect symphony. Just then, Poseidon’s froth had washed something hard up onto my foot. It was a glistening whiskey bottle; Jameson’s own to be exact. I opened it up, expecting a rich carmel liquid to engulf my soul and warm it from the inside out. However, out fell a flash drive where the words “Gooch-Tape #1″ were engraved. It was a sign; a sign that good things were coming. A sign that the warmth and sun-kissed poolside jams of summer would flow into the colorful world autumn had to offer. Warm your soul and paint your walls gold!

Gooch Tape #1 by Tropicool (official)

Jazzanova – I can see (filippo Moscatello Remix)
Joakim – Find a Way (Punks Jump Up Remix)
Jamiroquai – Runaway
Elijah Collins & Nist – Love’s Down
Calanx – Glossin’
Kleerup ft. Titiyo – Longing for Lullabies (Joakim Remix)
Gigamesh – When You’re Dancing (Cassian Remix)
NSFW – Coconut (Cosmonauts Remix)
Psychemagik – Carnaval De Trancoso
Cosmonauts – Cycle Eyes (Cosmonauts Summer Version)
Runaway – Chapter IV (Tensnake Reinterpretation)[on the prowl]
Arnaud Rebotini – Another Time, Another Place (Gucci Vump Remix)
Small Pyramids – I Want Blood (Goldroom Remix)
?? – ??

Download Here
Tropicool on Facebook Here

Today, 4/20, is considered by many to be their favorite national holiday.  It’s such a revered holiday that it doesn’t even need a name.  It’s simply referred to as 4/20.  And what better way to honor this special day than with a song craftsman whose name means “high” in Turkish: Yuksek.

As you may have already read here, Yuksek’s 2011 is about to go OFF.  Along with teaming up with The Magician for the super duo known as Peter & The Magician, Yuksek will also be releasing his “On A Train” EP complete with 3 brand new tracks + remixes by The Magician & Gucci Vump (Gucci Vump = The Shoes + Brodinski).  WOW.

Marinate on that for just a quick second…now GO!

Yuksek – On A Train

Yuksek – On A Train (Gucci Vump Remix)

The “On A Train” EP will be available May 2nd via Label Barclay.


Peter & The Magician – Twist by aRod | GottaDanceDirty™