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In our 2010 Roundup, the good Dr. Schlongo & I included a section in our post entitled “Big in 2011: The Sounds of the Future”, which listed artists we predicted would have monster 2011s.  One band included on that list (and delivering thus far on our prediction) are dance rockers GlasnostGlasnost are releasing their new single, “Corridor”, via Robot Dance Records this week and the single includes a superior trio of remixers:  Midnight ConspiracyNightWaves & Kids at the Bar.  They’ll also be doing live shows @ at SXSW, so if you are gettin’ down at SXSW this year, be sure to catch them here.

Along with “Corridor” and the remixes below, be sure to go onto their Soundcloud and check out the stellar lineup of remixes Glasnost has done for Metric, Tiga, La Roux and many others (the Rick James one is super dope).  After the tuneage, meet the band and check out the interview…

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The title of this post may be a bit misleading.  It isn’t a post about Light Year.  Nor is it a post about five girls literally fighting for me.  It is, however, a post about five amazing girls (or girl-led duos) fighting for (and winning) my love and attention.

Lissie, Adele, Firefox AK, Labyrinth Ear & The Ting Tings are all destined for big things this year + are paired up here with five world class remixers.  Enjoy the lady-led charge in 2011…

Lissie – When I’m Alone With You (Tensnake Remix) by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™

Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Villa Remix) by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™

Firefox AK – Boom Boom Boom (James Curd Remix) by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™

Labyrinth Ear – Snow White (DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND) by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™

The Ting Tings – Hands (Glasnost Remix) by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™