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Well, the young #freelife boys have done it again. Bixel Boys are no strangers to the fusion of R&B with dance music, injecting the R&B vibe into both their DJ sets and their remix selections. This time, they pick none other than one of the most MFTF (music to…. you fill in the rest) R&B babes in the game Robin Thicke for what they VERY BRILLIANTLY dub an “R&Bmix” (this is almost as good a dub as ‘Skreamix’… almost). I really love that they have called this “girl trap” which is both wildly hilarious and mildly inappropriate. Go have a listen for yourself, and when you hear this in the club I dare you to not A. gyrate to this or B. gawk at girls gyrating to this. Bixel Boys, you dogs.

Oh yeah, free download. Bitches love a free download.