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cinderella girls

As a kid, I grew up on hair metal, so when I heard that ROOM8 did a cover of Cinderella’s 1986 ballad “Nobody’s Fool”, excitement (and curiosity) levels were high.  ROOM8 did not disappoint with their daring remix featuring the stylish vocals of Jesika Miller and much welcomed guitar work of Giorgio Moroder guitarist Richie Zito.  The collaboration hits on all levels, taking the glam rock classic & turning it into a modern piece of sci-fi electrofunk that Mr. Moroder himself would be damn proud of.





Chic feat. Nile Rogers, Giorgio Moroder, Tensnake, Oliver, and Destructo. Woah. The biggest names in Disco from the past two decades all in one sentence, all on one bill, this coming May, as presented by HARD. With their Dischoteque stage in recent years, HARD has given the nod to the timeless genre on multiple occasions, but this time they give it the spotlight for what is sure to be a transcendent timeline of Disco’s existence in the modern dance music industry. On one hand you have the men who have virtually given birth to the movement, men who have worked with the legends your parents used to get down to. Then on the other, the producers who have/are keeping the genre alive in it’s current state. You have the chance to hear history unfold, a chance to understand an idea that has managed to keep it’s footing all this time. Continue Reading

Last night, for the very first time, Disco legend and arguably the father of modern dance music, Giorgio Moroder, performed at the Output club in Brooklyn for the Red Bull Music Academy. Best known for his work with Donna Summer, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and Daft Punk and scores for Scarface and Flashdance, Moroder drew hundreds out to BK for this landmark performance…and we were one of the lucky few who got to witness it first hand!

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Matt Hill, better known as synth composer Umberto, gives us ‘Confrontations’– a lurid album jammed with an italo-disco/soundtrack-esque mood that will make you travel into a creepy foreign landscape once your eyelids shut.

Hill’s sounds in “Confrontations” are more defined from 70’s synth pop punctuations, relatively different than his three previous and more giallo directed productions. It’s impossible not to name drop horror genre maestro Dario Argento for all the imagery in the tracks, but mix it with some flickering Giorgio Morder disco and get caught in the hypnotic road trip Umberto wants you to ride. Continue Reading

Okay so here’s what we know:

Gérard de la Disco is (was?) allegedly a “disco legend” who’s tracks are just now surfacing. His remix of Giorgio Moroder‘s classic, “From Here to Eternity” has been entered in this contest with his consent. Moroder is a pioneer and godfather of electronic music and disco; the original is of course a timeless masterpiece.  But you already knew that.  Gérard, on the other hand?  Who knows.  Fun story?  Actual legend?  No idea.  The individual who sent me this did a good job of being equally mysterious.  In any event, listen, enjoy, and be sure to vote for it in the remix competition.  If the track does well in this contest, we’ve been told to stay tuned for more music from Gérard as more of his body of work begins to see the light of day (there is more).

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Luca Venezia AKA Drop The Lime AKA Curses! has just put out a new summer mix this morning — including some fantastic grooving Chicago and New York House that works perfectly for any summertime soiree. He’s incorporated some “oldies but goodies” in this thirty-four minute mix — with submissions from Giorgio Moroder, Adonis, Raz, and a pair of originals that Luca has put out under the Curses! alias. Download it below. √+ Continue Reading

For the 72nd installment of The Dirt, I’m teaming up with GDD’s newest member Tamara Sky, who also happens to be my sister in Overthrow. We’ve packed together some of our secret weapons to kick-start your summer indulgences. If you get really turned on by Tamara’s picks, you can catch her tonight at VERSUS. 10 tracks for download after the jump.

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