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Julia Kwamya, aka GERMANS, is a well traveled artist living in Brooklyn, whose moody brand of Disco pairs perfectly with the style & sound of New York in the Fall.  It’s a sound that is nostalgic but forward thinking.  To help capture this sound on the GERMANS‘ 2013 tracks “Cruel” & “Wonderhow“, former Pains of Being Pure at Heart band member Kurt Feldman was enlisted to produce.  The results were heavenly, the melodies were out of this world and admiration had begun to soar.  This admiration included Dutch disco producer Auxiliary tha Masterfader (no stranger to us here at GDD).  Back in 2013, he linked up with Julia via SoundCloud & asked her if he could remix “Cruel”.  She said yes.  He remixed the song.  And the sounds of Brooklyn & Amsterdam collided.  Fast forward to present day and the two are back at it again.  With the signature warm synthesizer sound of Auxiliary tha Masterfader coupled with the other-worldly, moody melodies of GERMANS, this remix of “Wonderhow” will no doubt get some major feels going.  The sound of Fall is here and it’s FREE to download.

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GERMANS is a Brooklyn based artists who makes moody, heartfelt breakup songs.  Auxiliary tha Masterfader is a producer from The Netherlands who makes top shelf disco (he also loves heavy metal).  It’s their love of smooth disco that brings the two artists together on Aux’s remix of the GERMANS song “Cruel”.  Auxiliary tha Masterfader gives the song  just the right amount of disco kick while still maintaining the original’s sweet, soulful + dreamy feel for a wicked blend of Dreamwave, Funk + Italo.  Kickin’ some ass at 98 BPM…
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