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Who rocks a pencil thin mustache & blue tinted aviators with class + style?
Gerard de la Disco.
Who can seduce you in five notes or less?
Gerard de la Disco.
Who can you count on to always set the mood right?
Gerard de la Disco.

“He is a man of excellence.
He is a man of distinction.
He is a man of passion.
But most of all, he is a man of disco.”

Here’s what we know: The “Radiant Future” EP by Gerard de la Disco is the disco you’ve been looking for.  It’s the disco you’ve been wanting to discover & re-discover.  Four tracks of the highest quality disco around.  Four FREE tracks…because that’s who Gerard de la Disco is:  A GIVER.

Say his name one more time: GERARD DE LA DISCO…
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Okay so here’s what we know:

Gérard de la Disco is (was?) allegedly a “disco legend” who’s tracks are just now surfacing. His remix of Giorgio Moroder‘s classic, “From Here to Eternity” has been entered in this contest with his consent. Moroder is a pioneer and godfather of electronic music and disco; the original is of course a timeless masterpiece.  But you already knew that.  Gérard, on the other hand?  Who knows.  Fun story?  Actual legend?  No idea.  The individual who sent me this did a good job of being equally mysterious.  In any event, listen, enjoy, and be sure to vote for it in the remix competition.  If the track does well in this contest, we’ve been told to stay tuned for more music from Gérard as more of his body of work begins to see the light of day (there is more).

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Your Spring to Summer music guide is here.  Follow this mix from Spring all the way into Summer as you lay poolside, frolic on the beach, go on a moonlight drive or go anywhere the new season takes you.  The mix includes some of the season’s finest deep disco/deep house/indie dance tracks from Perseus, Ronika, Yuksek, GLOVES, Moon Boots, Lee Stevens, MyKill, The KDMS plus unreleased tracks + red hot exclusives from St. Lucia/Viceroy, Jupiter/Supermen Lovers, Luv Shack Records and newcomers Gerard De La Disco.  Big time thanks to all those who made special contributions!

Deep boogie + feel good vibes.  Enjoy…

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