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Last week I got to quickly catch up with one of my newest favorite people to share a LOL with, Petey from North Carolina duo Clicks & Whistles. I first discovered Clicks & Whistles when AC Slater intro’d me to their EP that was to be released on his label Party Like Us… since then I’ve grown to have a large appreciation for the Clicks & Whistles sound, a sort of Southern-influenced intelligent interpretation of dance music. From tracks like “Fumando” (on Salva’s Frite Nite imprint) to “2 Much Higher” (on Kastle’s Symbols), Clicks & Whistles combine engineering prowess with Dirty South background to anthemic and danceable effect.

What I enjoy most about Petey is his infectious charisma that flows seamlessly from his DJ sets to his personality. Whenever he’s around the air is light-hearted which is a great asset to have. To be quite honest I had completely forgotten my sheet of questions so most of this is a bit willy nilly and was oft-interjected by 12th Planet and Protohype interjecting with a question or noise… but even so Petey and I handled it like absolute pro’s and shared many a LOL which is sort of the point, so here we go:

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