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Coming in hot off of a radical sabbatical, Surf Ambassador Hendo (SAH) has emerged out of his creative cave and this time instead of wielding a myrt and an empty glass of Chimay, he comes bearing gifts for all! The first gift he brings us is his second bootleg Re-Froth entitled George Benson – Give Me The Night (SAH Re-Froth). Sampling the unique sounds of the award winning Disco/Jazz Legend George Benson, SAH has taken this classic track and necessitated it with ounces of pure froth! In celebration of this track along with his first Re-Froth and an upcoming Re-Sloth, SAH is taking to the road and is going on his first International Tour! Booked to play at such venues as: Larry Bird’s mansion, the parking lot of a Walmart, and even the World’s First Underwater DJ Set, his tour almost seems to good to be true…

Luther Vandross – I Wonder (SAH Re-Froth) by SURF AMBASSADOR HENDO

George Benson – Give Me The Night (SAH Re-Froth) by SURF AMBASSADOR HENDO

DL: George Benson (SAH Re-Froth)

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