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If you haven’t caught on by now that I hold LA-based label/collective Friends of Friends very near and dear to my heart, then you’re either slippin or just really don’t care. Well I’m just not OK with either of those. From their work with Boiler Room to cultivating the musical careers of left-field artists like LOL Boys, Groundislava, Shlohmo, Young Adults, and more, FoF have been making a well-deserved name for themselves since their beginning. The FoF-er that I bring to you today goes by the name of Epcot, who is not only part of the Friends of Friends team, but also runs Salva’s label Frite Nite. He came fresh with an exclusive guest mix for us chock full of artists who enjoy coloring outside the lines of house and techno; From Randomer to Sinden, acid to analog, Epcot keeps the vibe alive with an intelligent selection of provoking dance music.

You can stream and download his GDD Exclusive through our Soundcloud below, but be sure to check out Epcot’s and Frite Nite‘s Soundcloud as well. He’s also playing down at the Belly Up Tavern next week with a few other Frite Nite artists, details HERE.

Next up from San Francisco label Frite Nite is Clicks & Whistles‘ double-sided “Fumando / Southern Slaw”. Notorious for their symbiotic use of floaty synth patterns and bass-rattling undertones, Clicks & Whistles uniquely combines their Charlotte origins with intelligent and forward-thinking musical concepts. Frite Nite, Salva‘s well stacked label, is the perfect platform for the release, itself a major advocate of new, boundary pushing sounds.

I’m a big fan of the stuff Salva pushes… he’s got a finely-tuned ear that enables him to push weirder, uniquely crafted songs but still be able to blast through speakers to grab anyone’s attention, and keep it. Like they say on the release, “these tunes are a just a touch more intelligent than your average club banger, weird enough to keep the elitists engaged and still destroy on a big sound system.” So there you have it. Both drippy & upbeat tunes with southern rap influences, they take a crafty and wiser look at the new generation of trap music.

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