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I’ve always been a fan of Para One, from his work on Institubes (RIP) to his latest work with CamRon (dipppppsetttttt), and funnily enough I’d never gotten the chance to see him DJ. That all changed when I very serendipitously ended up at almost all of his shows in Miami for WMC. Fairly reserved and soft-spoken in person, Jean-Baptiste is a fucking crazy man when he plays, his energy is magnetic and it just makes hearing his own stuff that much more special.

Well, obviously enough people responded to him playing out a live version of his track “You” that he decided to give it away for free on his Soundcloud. Way to denounce the “french people are dicks” stereotype, Para One. A lively edit that combines some other Para One tracks like Find A Place and Contemplation, “You Too” is a fun number perfect for the summer. It can’t hurt that it’s one of A-Trak’s new favorites either. :)