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Ok so Frank Ocean’s second run at it is a masterfully produced Pop/RnB/Hip-Hop wonder album, now let’s move along and take a look at some records that might have flown under your radar. It is no secret that music has been thriving in 2016, but it isn’t just the big dogs that have been particularly on point. Up and comers (as well as some of the more venerable acts) from across the board have been producing up a storm with multi-faceted sonic landscapes that provide more depth and experimentation than your typical pop masterpiece. Let’s take a look at some of 2016’s finest and brightest LP’s: Continue Reading

Frank Ocean - Pyramids (Kastle Remix)

Anyone who knows about Kastle in turn knows of his passion for R&B, whether it be the influence seen in his production, sprinkling of tracks in his mixtapes or sets, or the great fusion of the two: R&B remixes. After a very successful remix of The Weeknd’s “The Party & The After Party” last year, Kastle takes another bold leap into fiddling with one of the great rising stars in the R&B culture: Frank Ocean. Following Frank’s (deservedly) massive hype over the early release of “channel ORANGE” a few weeks back, Kastle’s “Pyramids” premiered this past Friday during Skream & Benga‘s weekly “beats, bass, and banter” on BBC Radio 1. Thankfully we only had to endure radio rips of the track for one weekend, as today in true bootleg and honorable fashion Kastle’s put it up on his SoundCloud for free download.

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