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One of my biggest delights in life is seeing a boss lady hold her own amongst a crew of dudes. Enter Louisahhh, the reigning queen of Bromance, a record label literally named with dudes in mind. After moving from down the street to the depths of Paris, I finally caught up with my fellow short-haired princess in Miami. After a lengthy and insightful lunch at The Standard, discussing the antics of the Bromance crew to the politics and progression of the industry, riding bikes and Avicii carts around South Beach, and an astoundingly ludicrous trip to Miami’s most infamous Hard 2 Leave strip club party, I left WMC as charmed as ever by one of the most soft-spoken yet commanding females I know. That could only mean one thing: get her on board for a LOLerview!

Check after the jump for a really delightful edition of For The LOLs, and make absolutely sure to check out her upcoming EP on Bromance, Transcend, out on the 22nd of April. It’s amazing.

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Sometimes I like to think I have a sense of humor. Most of the time I end up just realizing that I have really boisterous opinions and too many platforms with which to express them, but that is neither here nor there.

One of the infinite pleasures of the industry is that the vast majority of DJs and producers are weirdos like me which oft goes fairly unnoticed in regular interviews. Cue my brilliant idea to enhance and embrace this weirdness & just get a bit silly with some of my favorite LOL-worthy artists. So stay tuned for “For the LOLs” to become a more regular thing, cuz if there’s one thing I know Gotta Dance Dirty loves as much as music it’s pure jokes. And whiskey. And stickers on butts. I digress.

My first LOL-erview is with the ever amazing Salva, I’ll leave you to just enjoy the rest after the jump. If you ever have a question you’d like to ask or an artist you’d love for me to chat with, hit @GottaDanceDirty or myself (@lauradambuleff) on Twitter. Stay weird.

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