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Dutchmen, Mr. Belt & Wezol, have taken a step back in time to rework the CeCe Peniston’s 90s classic, “Finally,” that just happens to have been released the year I was born, 1991. After a slew of crowd favorite releases, this house music power duo continues to show off their studio chops, and their latest release gives newer dance music fans a little taste of how things used to be, while also giving them something fresh. For “Finally,” Mr. Belt & Wezol fuse CeCe Peniston’s vocals and piano riffs with their future house sound for a stand-out revitalization of the track. Have a listen here and stay tuned for the release on Monday, April 6th.


Continuing on with the season of giving, I just discovered this little gem today while reading my daily soundcloud front page. The ever-classic “Finally” from Ce Ce Peniston has seen countless remixes over the years, and this latest version from Playless successfully revives the anthemic tune once again. The infectious bassline takes you into the deep end while melodic chords keep it soulfully afloat. Great holiday vibes, and FREE for all!


Playless on

Forever Kid are back at it again, and with each release they step it up a notch and continue to hit the mark.  Every new remix is a fresh blast of cold air to the face, boldly doing whatever they want to classics that most up and comers wouldn’t dare touch, and that’s really the idea here. This remix is no exception, an artful splash of their tuned up aesthetic perfectly courting the familiar sonic stage; here’s its their signature “dream come true” overflow of retro snyths on top of Ce Ce’s powerhouse pipes. Always over the top in just the right dose, I find myself hitting the loop for a listen or ten on whatever I find in my inbox from them.

Also, got more info this week on the creation of the Forever Kid helmet and their ongoing collaboration with street legend Annie Preece on the design, to finally be built by the mau5head-maker himself.

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