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I’ll make this quick. Just a quartet of remixes that I thought I needed to share with you guys this week. Get your hump day dance moves on.

A fantastic fidget house remix of the widely acclaimed release from Pendulum. Keep your eye out for Coucheron in 2011. This 16 year old phenom from Norway has produced tracks across all sub-genres of electronic music, and his talent shines through brightly in this remix.
Another great production from Clockwork. His crunchy, grungy basslines are giving him a lot of recent attention from the electro world.
The names involved speak for themselves here. A very big release from BNR records this month. Thx to TCK for getting this up first.
A groovy track to sit in the sun and absorb some heat. Can’t ever go wrong with some sexy saxophone from Tensnake, who is commencing his North American tour this week with a stop in LA at A Club Called Rhonda this Saturday!

Here we have a GDD™ + Chemical Jump exclusive for you guys. Nate over at CJ and I were asked by the great people over at GreenElectronic to simultaneously release this monster out today, so we’re giving it to all of you fine folks. Valerna has been pumping out some serious bangarang lately with their multiple releases on Miles Dyson‘s Plasmapool Records, as well as getting a Felix Cartal touch-up to their latest track ‘Look Ma, No Pants!’ that went out on Beatport in July. Definitely make sure to catch these guys this Friday on the main stage at CONTROL along with Wolfgang Gartner, Harvard Bass, Skrillex, and ///BONES!

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pic: TheStyleShark
We here at Gotta Dance Dirty™ value our strength through diversity in musical opinions and tastes. Consequently, when our front page gets dominated by Dutch house, I can’t help but roll up my sleeves and dig up some sweet disco house to share with our readers.

Busta Rhymes – Hustler’s Anthem 09 (Bit Funk Remix)
T-Pain’s presence on this jam nearly excluded it from consideration, but Bit Funk’s magic makes it impossible not to dance.

Grey Ghost – Take A Trip (Do The Boogaloo)
San Diego’s ghost with the most trades in his nu-disco hat for this unreleased funky house single.

Valerna – Look Ma, No Pants! (Felix Cartal Edit)
Vancouver’s Felix Cartal makes a quick edit of this disco rug-cutter from Valerna.

GreenElectronic (aka the Green Machine) sent over a care package this morning featuring a bundle of new and unreleased originals and remixes from PeaceTreaty, Pance Party, Valerna, Religion, and Clockwork. Enough foreplay, let’s cut to the chase.

Disco Villains – Crickets (PeaceTreaty Remix)
Their much-anticipated Gotta Dance Dirty™-exclusive mixtape will be out by next week!

• Pance Party – Trafalgar (Preview)
This one begs to be released and played at a massive musical festival or rave.

• Valerna – Eruption
Pick up their new EP from Beatport today.

• Felix Cartal – Berlin (Religion Remix)
My favorite Religion production to date.

Crystal Castles – Celestica (Clockwork Remix)
Old-school(?) indie electro remix that’s sure to get the dancefloor groovin’.

Wish I were in Miami this Independence Day weekend to see Laidback Luke and our very own Miami ladykiller Troy Kurtz! (performing as TKO). Save money for sparklers by getting discounts by using the promo code OVERTHROW when purchasing tickets here. In the meantime, check out Laidback Luke’s collaboration with Gina Turner and TKO’s entry for John Roman’s “Ready For This” remix contest, which forgoes trendy car alarms in favor of classic bouncy disco house.

John Roman – Ready For This (TKO Remix)
Hey John, call off the contest; I found your winner right here.

• Nouveau Yorican – Boriqua


My apologies to anyone who missed Felix Cartal’s set in Santa Cruz or at EDC this weekend, because it was the best I’ve seen all year. Before you rush to the comments page to tell me how dead wrong I am, check out his new remix of Green Velvet that’s available for streaming on his soundcloud.

• Green Velvet – Harmageddon (Felix Cartal Remix)

It’s been a busy week here in San Francisco, so my apologies for spreading the late news. Before hustling down to Los Angeles for Electric Daisy Carnival on Saturday, Vancouver’s Felix Cartal will be making a special stop at Motiv in Santa Cruz tomorrow night. The first two people to email me at tronjeremy at gottadancedirty dot com will each receive a pair of tickets. Check out the facebook event page for more details. Sorry kids, this one is 21+.

Felix Cartal – Volcano (Felix Cartal Remix)

Hot damn I’m already looking forward to the weekend. This week the lovely people at CONTROL present a doubleheader of a night with a DJ set by Phillip Jung of M.A.N.D.Y. and a performance by GDD™ favorite Felix Cartal. Felix is making an LA stop on his latest tour to promote his new album, Popular Music which can be purchased on Beatport now. The new CD is absolutely amazing, and it is very apparent that Felix has not slowed down in his talented productions whatsoever. He’ll be cruising around the US until late April so definitely catch him at a spot near you if you can’t make it out to the Avalon this Friday.
Our good friends Pance Party will be gracing the Honey Lounge this week so get on in there to catch a mind-blowing, ear drum kicking, hipster-stomping experience. Oh ya, you know ///BONES will bring the ruckus like always as well.
Please RSVP and send names to JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on our discount ticket list for the evening. Pricing will be as follows:
21+: 10$ before 11pm 15$ after
under 21: 10$ before 11pm 15$ after
*Sorry for the price mix-up here guys. 5$ cheaper now on our list.
21+ enters through the left side Honey Lounge entrance and the youngsters cruise through the main central entrance.
Here are some low quality tracks fresh off of Felix’s new album, so when you decide you love them in 5 minutes, buy his CD won’t ya? And yes, these are all √+ worthy.
How about a nice little killer from the LA duo Cold Blank? yurrrrppppp!

The House Party presented by GDD is back again this week at CONTROL with two giants of electro, Dada Life and Felix Cartal. Expect a lot of big time bass in the main room, and make sure you head over to the Jerry Lewis lounge (two-story room directly to the right of the main stage) where resident GDD DJs ///BONES, sweetFA, Serra, and more will be playing all of your favorite dirty beats all night. Make sure you head upstairs in our room to get a good look of the main stage artists from our balcony!
It will only cost you guys 10$ if you are on the Gotta Dance Dirty list, so make sure you RSVP at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@GMAIL.COM so we can get you into this great show for a good price :)
For now, here’s the latest installment in Dada Life’s Guerilla Fart remix series, a brand new reworking that keeps with the minimal backing of the original while adding a more dancefloor friendly bottom end bumping through it.

They’ve released another massive monster. The boys of Pance Party have been pumping out some great remixes in the past few months, and this time we get to have our ears pumped full of Felix Cartal‘s ‘Skeleton’. If you didn’t get to see our awesome interview with the guys earlier this summer, definitely check it out here. Also, pick up their entire EP ‘A Million Puppies’ in another previous post. Keep ’em coming fellas!

PS-Be sure to buy your tickets for DANCEiSM tomorrow night to see Felix Cartal in action! See post below for details :)

Here in Los Angeles, we all wait til the many shows and festivals come our way to see the big guns of dance music, but what’s really special about the movement it cultivates is the younger, up and coming talent it produces into the ever-growing scene. Because Los Angeles is such a fragmented city, geographically and socially, there are many scenes and cultures that live and breathe in very separated worlds. What gives a great meeting ground between the diverse area is the connection with music and the ability to express yourself however you wish. (YAY freedom) LA is one of the best places for music and relative events, more importantly right now for electronic music.

What a better way to explain the Dance/Music/Art movement, known as DANCEiSM. Forging dance music and its artistic spirit, Danceism is the music festival for the people, by the people. That sounds cheesy, but it really is a collaborative event intended for the artist in all of us, started by LA native DJ, Ben Oprstu. He’s been throwing these events and making a name for himself with DANCEiSM as his driving force of success and popularity for everyone involved. Oprstu let us in on the event’s movement and mission:

– Is about bringing people together under the umbrella of Dance.

– Is about saying forget our divisions and let’s come together under something we can enjoy, DANCEING.

– Is a collective ground for people of all colors, creeds, and social backgrounds to meet and interact through dance. It is an event, a brand, and a collection of artists.

– Is for anyone, but not everyone. Meaning that our attitude is open towards all kinds of people no matter who you are (anyone), but we also realize that it’s not for every kind of person because we realize everyone is unique and for some DANCEiSM isn’t relevant to them (everyone).

This Friday’s DANCEiSM will feature the Trouble&Bass badboy AC SLATER, and GDD favorite/DIM MAK’s own FELIX CARTAL. Supporting them will be some of LA’s diamonds in the rough, with the likes of Audrey Napoloeon, Robot Love, MiCHAEL, Doc P, and the guy who started it all, Ben Oprstu. As for you expressionists, Danceism will also have live visuals, body paint, glow-in-the-dark bubbles, lazer installations and an expression wall that anyone cant paint, draw and write on. The event is taking place @ LOT 613, which is in the Warehouse district downtown where the previous Danceism was and as well the Local Heroes Party. DIRECTIONS HERE


And of course I have some new goodies to get you ready for DANCEiSM this Friday. Throw on them dancing shoes LA, this show’s for you.