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A few months ago, two sleep-deprived Italians named Fare Soldi showed up at my door-step. I was going out of town for a show and my manager called an hour before asking if they could crash at my apartment. Knowing that I’ll one day be in their shoes down the road, I welcomed them in. Fare Soldi makes really fun dance music, and today they’re giving away their remix of Spinstyles‘ track No Regrets, which was released today on Overthrow Music Authority. The other track on Spinstyles’ EP called Quick Flick features fellow Kansas City badboy Tech N9ne. Grab the EP here on Beatport.

Spinstyles – No Regrets (Fare Soldi Remix)

Our friends over at Vitalic Noise have just released a mix showcasing the work of all the artists they represent which, to say the least, is a hell of a freshman class. These guys will be coming in super hot in the years to come, so keep an eye, and an ear open.

The Vitalic Noise Family Affair Mixtape by Vitalic Noise

Fare Soldi
Justin Faust
Edwin Van Cleef
Moonlight Matters
Geisha Twins
FM Attack

Last month, we were lucky enough to host the groovy Italian duo, Fare Soldi, at our weekly VS. party in Santa Monica. Besides just being a pair of awesome guys, they played a fantastic set, complete with matching golden jackets shimmering on stage. This morning, I opened my inbox to find the next mixtape in their ‘I Told You I Was Frico’ series, and it’s about as golden as their outfits. The mix is filled with remixes and originals from the likes of Alex Metric, Carte Blanche, Louis La Roche, and of course Fare Soldi, and it’s really getting my day off to a great start right now. I hope it does the same for you.


1) Mark Ronson & INTL Business – Bang bang bang (Axe’s Funky Bangt)
2) Lazydisco – More Tigers
3) Gigamesh – It’s So Intense (Fare Soldi Enrico Pallazzo Remix)
4) The Whip – Secret Weapon (Alex Metric Remix)
5) Justice – Helix (Don Diablo Remix)
6) Fare Soldi – Buchi Nights
7) Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
8 ) Testarossa – Boogie Nights In Paris
9) Moullinex – Sunflare
10) Elio e le Storie Tese – Discomusic
11) Axel Le Baron & Kurbatov – Fame (Big Dope P & Puto Prata Remix)
12) Les Loups – Side To Side (Ohyeah Remix)
13) Carte Blanche – Jack Of The Moon
14) Fare Soldi “Vittorino”
15) Fifteenth – My Fantasy (part deux)
16) Louis La Roche – Los Angeles
17) Black Box – Everybody everybody (Rockapella)



We’re back to back this week with another double headliner Thursday at VERSUS. Joining us are the New York nightshifter JUBILEE, along with the groovy Italian duo Fare Soldi— making a stop on thier US tour. Supporting the sounds for the night will also be the coastal hopping HOHME, along with Shae B and Golden Bloggen’s Kool Ethan. This one is sure to cover the spectrum, so be ready to be blown away by a little bit of everything.


RSVP Closes at 7:30p day of the event
Free before 11pm
$5 after 11pm

@ The Central: Social Aide & Pleasure Club
1348 14th Street Santa Monica, CA 90404

Thursday September 15th
$5 Red Bull Vodkas til midnight!

Nu Shooz – I can’t wait (Fare Soldi “Suono pazzo ti abbiamo in pugno” rmx) by FARE SOLDI √+

Now that everyone is finally recovering from Hard and this week has finally set into full speed I have some new tracks for all you kids to hear. Definitely a complete range of sounds for all of you out there. Going from some dubstep to disco to the classic electro banger sound to some fresh dutch house from one of the worlds top producers. Today’s post really has a little bit of it all.

DJ Sneak- Sourthern Girl (12th planet & Flinch Remix)
New remix off DJ Sneak’s new release by Scion. Another successful remix by this tag team remix team. Definitely highly recommended.

Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup- We No Speak Americano (High Rankin’s Bait Wobble Remix)
“Bored of a morning i decided to ask Twitter what i should do a cheeky bootleg of to give away for chuckles. Turns out they wanted a mix of No Speak Americano so i only went and bloody did one. Some people didnt quite get the joke but as i do so like to say, fuck um if they can’t take a joke. Here it is, enjoy :)straight from High Rankin’s twitter. Resulting remix actually is good. First and only dubstep mix I have heard of this song and I like it.

Congorock-Babylon (Fare Soldi – Babbylorso Remix)
*thanks to our friends @ Deathelectro
Nice disco twist to one of the biggest songs of the year. Fare Soldi is one of my favorite italian production duo’s out there. Definitely check out more of their stuff on their myspace if you have not already. Also deathelectro has an interview with them up now, go check that as well!

Aniki Ft. Whiskey Pete- Put On My Raving Kicks (Cold Blank Remix)
Another great remix from the LA based production duo Cold Blank. Check it out asap.

Dead Prez- Its Bigger Than Hip Hop (Sidney Samson Remix)
Last but not least a new track for all you dutch house fans out there. This one has all the classic feelings of a dutch house remix but at the same time goes heavier than most dutch house tunes ever dare.

Well check out these tunes and enjoy! Please support these artists further by going to beatport and checking out more their stuff!