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For today’s musician, building out an official website is a necessary evil, one which can quickly become frustrating and expensive.  ToneDen looks to solve these problems by offering an elegant approach for the modern musician to showcase themselves online.  With a few clicks, each artist can now configure their own beautifully designed site.  Integrating their SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter accounts in one place, ToneDen also features a press kit generator for one sheets, and robust analytics.  Essentially, everything the modern musician could need.

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In celebration to hitting 4000 likes on facebook, our techno brethren Craig Williams is giving away a FREE double track EP including two remade versions of some of his favorites by Nine Inch Nails. The product is a pipeline of techno that carries the haunting vocals of Trent Reznor off the grid and into dark territory. Dig in kids.


Craig Williams on

This one is for all the GDD love!
After over a year of being one of Harvard Bass & Bart B More‘s secret weapons, Boys Noize Records own D.I.M. has given us the personal green light to release his private remix of ‘Listen To This’ in all its 320 glory. Resurrect the big tune in your sets with this sinister version. NOIZE. 


Be honest.  Don’t lie…you used to love getting Facebook notifications.  Getting tagged in a photo, someone liking your Facebook comment or someone posting on your page (oh sorry, Timeline) – when that little red notification bubble popped up, YOU SECRETLY LOVED IT.  Don’t pretend like you didn’t at least enjoy it a little bit.  Lately though, that tiny bit of titillation you used to get from receiving a Facebook notification has certainly subsided.  Why, you ask?  Our love for that little red Facebook notification has all but disappeared due to our increasing frustration with the dreaded Facebook Event invite.  We receive double digit event invites on a daily basis and it’s annoying as all hell.  Facebook Events were once a useful tool.  But this atrocious Facebook feature seems to have lost any and all credibility.  And it’s not Facebook’s fault.  Facebook is not entirely to blame.  Sure their notification system is flawed; you can only adjust your email + mobile settings and not your actual page settings.  There are small fixes like having the ability to ignore invites from individuals.  But Facebook is not the enemy here.  YOU are the enemy.  You – the artist, the DJ, the self-proclaimed promoter – you are the reason why the good people of Facebook no longer enjoy seeing that little red notification bubble pop up on their Facebook page. Continue Reading

Leading up to only his second live performance tomorrow night @ CONTROL, the elusive DJ/producer known as WHIIITE has released a free bootleg remix package for his fans, CONTROL-goers, and bass lovers alike. The 4-pack bundle gives you heavy hitting versions of Martin Solveig’s “The Night Out”, Knife Party’s “Fire Hive”, Gemini’s “Fire Inside”, and his Dim Mak released “Activate” remix for Atari Teenage Riot. Follow the link below to his facebook page to download and check out the video from his debut performance last December @ Avalon.

DOWNLOAD + LIVE VIDEO after the jump!

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Many of my friends involved in music have been slow to join facebook and resistant to sign up for twitter, but I use both of these services to discover new music. First, Tommie Sunshine, the godfather of the indie electro remix and Gotta Dance Dirty™ follower, has been updating his twitter every time he uploads a free remix to soundcloud. I can’t get enough of this collaboration with Toronto’s Barletta that he uploaded almost a month ago.

Earlier today, Breakdown’s Josh David invited me to join the Bass Weazal facebook group that sent out a mass message containing this fidget face-melter. Am I hearing samples of “Welcome to Jamrock” and “Pump up the Jam”?
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