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More from MadTech here to set your weekend off on a hot one.  They’re consistently grabbing new talent in the universe of UK Bass, Funky and the experimental.  This one is Ill Blu, a production duo of Def1 and Jreel.  Rumbling bass, sliced up by synth strikes and an ever-present, pounding 4/4 beat.  Have a listen, and grab the free download at the bottom.


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More world-class emerging talent here from Kerri Chandler’s latest, MadTech Records.  Kashii weaves bass house music that is at once detailed, lush, so deep and smooth but at the same time, grabs you with its one-foot-in-front-of-the-other pace, trading off between a pounding beat, striking leads and varied percussion.  What’s really going to blow you away is once the title track, Rome, gets to the 3:50 mark.

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Canadian Techno/New Wave & video game aficionado, Marc Houle, released music under the Minus label for many years. But like the old saying goes, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”  This, along with the fact that Houle’s musical inclinations were veering further away from Minus’ new sound, made him realize it was time to do his own thing in order to stay true to his unique retro sound. Continue Reading

After two wicked EP’s, Hippos in Tanks heavy hitting EBM artist, White Car, finally came out with their anticipated full-length debut album called Everyday Grace.  Hailing from Chicago, Elon Katz (White Car’s primary member) comes from a new breed of emerging artists that are very well shaping the future of electronic music by looking back at influences of the Italo-Disco, Industrial & 80’s retro experimental sounds that have been missing since that decade.   Continue Reading

As some of you might know, Brighton-based producer Ital Tek (Alan Mayson), has been consistently evolving his sound per release — organically gaining respect over the past few years.  Even though Dubstep made a huge impression on Mayson’s past music production, like many of us, he eventually got tired of the genre’s growing dullness.  This adversity drove Ital Tek to once again push himself, landing on the grounds of juke & footwork.
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John Talabot Fact Mix

Upon release of his new album, ƒin, John Talabot put together an hour mix for the UK music magazine FACT.  It’s very hard to categorize John Talabot’s music into the constraints of a genre as he incorporates Deep House with uplifting riffs, melodic chords with disheveled beats. Though one thing is certain. John Talabot loves using heavy samples, but only to leave the listener questioning what they just heard.

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