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It’s no surprise to me that GRUM has strategically planned the end of his 3-year hiatus just in time for the rapidly approaching summer. His debut album, Heartbeats, was one of the best album releases of 2010, and we are confident that the groovy Leeds-based producer is coming back strong if this first single, ‘Everytime,’ is a touchstone for what’s to come. GRUM has a knack for making music for every hour of the day, and ‘Everytime’ represents that ability perfectly. The House tune is light and airy, fitting snugly into any daytime soiree, but it’s got some energy and soul to it that makes it well-equipped for latenight play as well. We’re happy to say that GRUM is back and the Everytime EP is available now on Beatport via his own label, Heartbeats. Keep an eye out for the full album late this summer. √+