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A couple of weeks ago I met up with Grenier at one of my favorite local spots Forage for a little food and friendly discussion. What I think both of us anticipated was a brief discussion about his upcoming projects, but what ended up happening was a close to hour long conversation about creativity and the state of music. I left feeling the opposite of disappointed… sure I was like 30 minutes late to my next thing but the topics we discussed was something I felt needed to be expressed. So instead of a carefully edited, introspective piece from me that took days to organize and edit down, below you’ll find an honest conversation between myself and a musician who’s very clearly spent a lot of time not only working with others but also thinking about how to work in new ways.

This all came about by the premiere of his stunning music video for “Intentions,” which came out on Symbols last year. You can watch the video below but I highly suggest clicking after the jump to read about Grenier’s multitude of new projects, including ones with Archie Pelago, Eprom & Hejfund, and The Glitch Mob. I’d love to see others’ opinions on the rest of this, perhaps open some insightful discussions.

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If you haven’t caught on by now that I hold LA-based label/collective Friends of Friends very near and dear to my heart, then you’re either slippin or just really don’t care. Well I’m just not OK with either of those. From their work with Boiler Room to cultivating the musical careers of left-field artists like LOL Boys, Groundislava, Shlohmo, Young Adults, and more, FoF have been making a well-deserved name for themselves since their beginning. The FoF-er that I bring to you today goes by the name of Epcot, who is not only part of the Friends of Friends team, but also runs Salva’s label Frite Nite. He came fresh with an exclusive guest mix for us chock full of artists who enjoy coloring outside the lines of house and techno; From Randomer to Sinden, acid to analog, Epcot keeps the vibe alive with an intelligent selection of provoking dance music.

You can stream and download his GDD Exclusive through our Soundcloud below, but be sure to check out Epcot’s and Frite Nite‘s Soundcloud as well. He’s also playing down at the Belly Up Tavern next week with a few other Frite Nite artists, details HERE.