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Last Friday at the House of Blues Anaheim, EOTO reminded me why they are truly one of the most unique and musically talented groups around. Through their shows that are completely improvisational, they take you on a journey that mimics the contours of everyday life where they must take risks and face an unknown future, while the crowd bears witness to the magic before them. That night, much like the previous times I have seen them, they played an amazing set that was as eclectic as it was well-executed. The only thing different about it was that I had more of a personal insight into the group as I had a chance to sit down with Jason Hann, the drummer/vocalist, before the show. Read on after the jump to hear about the highlights of their seemingly non-stop tour, an outer-space disco, how Jason keeps a balanced lifestyle on tour (or not), where he thinks electronic music is heading, and what’s next for EOTO.

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The Colorado musical visionary, Derek Vincent Smith aka Pretty Lights, has been enjoying one of his most monumental years to date. I had the pleasure of seeing him at The Do LaB’s Lightning in a Bottle last May, and since then, he has been making his summer festival rounds playing Bonnaroo, Hangout Music Festival, Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, and IDentity Festival to name a few. Derek has certainly come a long way, not only with his full tour schedule, but as an artist. His ability to paint an auditory masterpiece through his unparalleled versatility and unique approach of incorporating all of his musical influences (hip-hop, classic rock, downtempo, dubstep) into a track is a rarity in today’s saturated music industry. With every FREE release, I become more impressed and this latest, “Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin,” remix is no exception, especially since there are seven Zeppelin songs that were sampled. It’s excellent to see the classic rock legends carry on through modern means!

Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin