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Tom Elkington, or eLDOKO, has been on my radar since sweetFA did a post a couple months ago on Woodworm Blues, eLDOKO’s debut EP on Monkey Safari‘s What! What! label. Since then, Elkington has been working on a few remixes, two of them I felt the need to share with you today. According to his Soundcloud bio, eLDOKO finds and executes a fusion between Jazz, Swing, Tech, and House, resulting in a unique sound that you’d be hard-pressed to sleep on. Grab these goodies and let me know what you think.

Extremely impressive take on the massive track from James Blake released earlier this year. Add it to your collection.
I love this track. Something about the vocals always gets stuck in my head and eLDOKO adds a little more magic to the mix. He was offering it in WAV for free on his Soundcloud, so if you want a 192 mp3 version instead of the giant WAV file, click on the alternate link (•).

Fantastic remix from Round Table Knights recently released on the lauded Deadfish label. They’ll be coming over to North America this January so keep your eyes out for a stop near you! Pick up this in full quality, along with the rest of the massive Deadfish Remixed Vol. 1, at Beatport. It’s $12.99 well spent. Trust me.


Last couple of months, I’ve been keeping an eye out for eLDOKO, also known as Tom Elkington, who’s been putting out some pretty groovy house beats lately. A resident at Oxford’s Eclectricity, and curator of the Gottwood Festival, eLDOKO’s somehow found time to put out his debut EP Woodworm Blues, via Monkey Safari‘s What! What! label. Pushing an in-the-pocket fidget and jazz-house sound, title track ‘Woodworm Blues’ wouldn’t sound out of place on Jesse Rose‘s What Do You Do If You Don’t? record – In fact, that’s exactly what I thought I was listening to, when I heard it for the first time (Big ups to Pelski for putting me on to his stuff). B-side ‘Hot Box’ is a downbeat piece of deeper tech-house, driven by a choppy analog synthline, while the EP is rounded off with remixes from Monkey Safari, and a bassy re-edit from eLDOKO himself. Check out the following, and if you dig the sound, swing by Beatport to purchase the EP in full 320: