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There is something about the Winter time that makes me feel more.. sophisticated. Maybe it’s the Peacoat, maybe it’s the soul satisfying cup of coffee needed to keep warm in the early hours, or maybe it’s the music. One London based label has my admiration, and for good reason. A casual afternoon spent devouring their SoundCloud collection has led to some prolific and merciful finds. To me, it’s music that sounds like a piece of the composer was put into a given production, a piece that they might not get back but needs to be shared nonetheless. It takes a certain kind of artist to create music like that, and Erased Tape Records has managed to find a bountiful lot of them. Continue Reading


There’s been an odd occurrence within dance music media as of late, with once-reputable sources for electronic music exchanging positive reviews of artists and releases for TMZ-style publishing. Instead of reading headlines heralding promising new talent or insightful album reviews, I find more and more outlets harassing me about embarrassing Twitter rants, DJ beef, and what Paris Hilton had for breakfast in Ibiza. As a genuine fan of dance music and an editor of two dance music blogs, I’m wondering what the hell happened. Continue Reading