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The eve of revolution is upon us… the Los Angeles mystery that is Whiiite has been cast upon the blogosphere in the form of the first chapter to his saga – a graphic novel telling the tale of how Whiiite came to be, who he was, and maybe, what his purpose will be for? We’ll have to watch (above) and see what happens…

A Graphic Novel Fueled by Bass music
Story by Aric Avelino & Chris White
Written by: Aric Avelino
Illustrated by: Paul Shipper
Score by: Chase Brawner (Pigna Productions)
Motion Graphics by Aric Avelino


Official Site

Boys Noize plans to ‘Go Hard’
Skream hits back: “I never said dubstep is dead”
TEED steps up to mix Crosstown Rebels ‘Get Lost VI’
James Murphy designing actual soundsystem; listen to his DJ set from DFA’s anniversary party

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It’s March. Jesus. Just about that time where everyone’s well into the swing of their year (at least they better be), which means it’s time for me to interrupt your regularly programmed schedule and shake things up a bit. GDD’s guest mix gets dark and heavy this week. Like… really dark and heavy. Que me grinning and doing this. Enter Kelly Dean.

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Kelly Dean‘s Firewall is the latest from SMOG and the first of what I’m sure will be many massive releases this year from the likes of the LA label. The release demonically traverses across four original tracks and two remixes from the likes of District and Drumcell. Kelly Dean keeps with his traditional style of the darker, hollow and driving spectrum of dubstep, each track combining an eerie essence with a dance-floor drive and tight production. District delivers a stripped-down remix of “Samurai”, and Drumcell infuses his remix with a dark techno vibe.
You can stream all of the tunes over at the SMOGcloud and cop the whole thing over on Beatport.

The 22-year-old from Minnesota, Vaski, has been brewing things up in the studio with Ava, a talented vocalist who has worked with other top-tier artists such as Bassnectar and Lupe Fiasco. With production that rivals the very best in bass music, “Insane” is a massive dubstep track that stays true to its name, and there is no doubt that its meaning would be further reinforced in a live setting with a proper system. Also, Ava’s strong vocals on top maintains the pop sensibilities that will likely keep you coming back for more. Vaski mentioned that this tune is a “new direction” in the trajectory of his work, so we are looking forward to hearing what other excellent music he has in store for us. Be on the look out for the video premiere for this track here on GDD™ next Monday! Enjoy + ♥ on the Hype Machine.

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Next up in the series of ten free EPs from the dexterous Canadian we call John Roman is Revisions003, the third installment of Roman’s take on various old Rap & R&B tracks. Pop rap turns to deep house, crunk into UK garage, and further down the rabbit hole.

Revisions003 is, like the past two Revisions, a double-sided EP. “Let Me Go” is a two-step revision of Ashanti’s “Chapter II” and “Inhale” morphs Dead Prez’s “RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta” into an eerie and vibrating dubstep track.

You can download Revisions003 for free by going to John Roman’s Facebook page, and stream all three of the Revisions EPs from his SoundCloud below.

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Sub Antix is back with a huge free download of his newest monster, 80 Weight.  80 Weight garnered a massive amount of attention after it was played by Brown and Gammon on BBC Radio 1 and for good reason, 80 Weight is a well-constructed dubstep tune that delivers a fresh hip-hop inspired beat that isn’t just focused on a massive drop.  With his newest track Sub Antix has demonstrated how his production has matured in both style and complexity; highlighting that as an artist, he isn’t going anywhere.

Grab the free tune after the jump!

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This is my new column called ON THE DL – each week I will feature two different tracks that are FREE downloads for fans and bloggers alike. Amidst the label copyrights and music sale politics, I want to shed light on the producers making quality tunes and are kind enough to serve them up as giveaways. Back to the way that many artists and blogs began….

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TheFatRat is no stranger to these parts and it was only natural to feature him in a proper GDD™ Spotlight. We have his brand new logo (pictured above) and an awesome 1-hour mix, which he was so kind to do for us, that contains the premiere of the full FatRat remix of Martin Solveig’s “The Night Out,” and plenty of other excellent tracks ranging from disco to dubstep (tracklist after the jump).

Also, the blogosphere has been well acquainted with his music and some brief information about him, but we have an in-depth interview that discusses reasons behind his anonymity, his production tools, application of the Karma Sutra, something that has made the biggest impact on his life today, and much much more. Not only are we giving you an exclusive inside look into the personality of TheFatRat & a mix for your listening pleasure, but we also have him booked for his live world premiere at our VS party in Santa Monica on Thursday (4/5). If you are in the LA area, you best be there. Now, head after the jump for the interview, check out the mix, and download it for free by clicking the “Buy” button on the Soundcloud player!

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Last Saturday, The Do LaB was at it again with their perfectly executed event complete with amazing artists and a sophisticated, yet free spirited & down-to-earth audience to match. It was one of our most memorable nights of the year thus far, and I’m confident that it will remain so. Please read on after the jump for our story of the night, complete with more exclusive photos that you don’t want to miss.

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