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The Hospital Records crew has been making moves over to our side of the pond with the opening of their new LA office, and a new residency for their worldwide club event – Hospitality – launching on Wednesday, September 10th at The Complex in Glendale. In celebration of this, we’ve locked in Fred V & Grafix for a special Hospital Records edition of our guest mix series. The Exeter-based duo has built a strong rep for their dnb sound with live performances and releases like their debut album, Recognise, that dropped earlier this year. Now they’ve given us this guest mix that’s filled to the brim with jams from Logistics, London Elektricity, Camo & Krooked, a healthy offering of their own tunes, and more. Enjoy below and head out to see Fred V & Grafix headline the LA Hospitality launch in September.

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Logistics, the legendary producer who brought the Drum and Bass community countless classics has just dropped his newest album, Fear Not.  Released on the iconic label Hospital Records, Fear Not is full of instant classics that have even the most cynical Drum and Bass listeners buzzing.  The album changes it up continuously, switching tempos and tones while still maintaining that familiar liquid Drum and Bass feel that Logistics has perfected.

Check it out after the jump!

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Mixmag just put up this special mini-mix from UK rudeboy Kye Gibbon aka Foamo. Read the article below, or don’t, because either way you are required to download this mix. Learn where your favorite bass tunes came from, and personally, how I got into electronic music in the first place.

Foamo exploded onto the electro house scene a few years ago and has quickly developed a style of production and DJing that has won him a large following and the respect of many of his heroes. Foamo’s love of all things bass helped land him an A&R role at Chew The Fat!, the label that has championed him since day one.

A key name in London’s dance scene, Chew The Fat! celebrates it’s fourteenth birthday this month. To mark the occasion, Foamo has put together a very special mini mix. Citing early jungle and drum’n’bass as one of his main references, Foamo takes a look back and has put together a very special classic jungle selection.

Ray Keith ‘The Terrorist’
DJ Nut Nut ‘Special Dedication’
Scorpio ‘li li’
Shy FX ‘The Wolf’
Roni Size ‘Trust me’
Congo Natty ft. Top Cat ‘VIP Mix’
TNT ‘2 degrees’
Q Project ‘Champion Sound’
DJ Krust ‘Warhead’
Zinc ‘Stretched’
Omnio Trio ‘Renegade Snares’
DJ SS ‘Rollidge’

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the GDD™ movement, today I bring you a brand new mix tape from a man who truly does not need any introduction, the one and only Dieselboy. Dieselboy’s mix tapes have turned on generation after generation of heads to the sounds of drum and bass. From “Drum and Bass Selection USA” in 1996 to “Substance D” in 2008, each has become a classic for the genre. Recognized for their solid content, clever aesthetics, imaginative concepts, and intense energy, his CDs have set the bar against which other DJ’s mix projects are measured. Because he releases his mixes fairly infrequently, these moments are considered a special event.

His Mixtape’s are as well known as his ferious live sets are.

DieselboyUnleashed! is his most layered and nuanced studio mix to date. Returning to his old school mixtape roots where he isn’t limited to what tracks he could use or license, Dieselboy has used the opportunity to take Unleashed! to another level.

56 tracks were used to craft a deep and extensive 73-minute mix that reveals itself only after repeated listens. Steering away from banging out an “of-the-moment” forgettable dancefloor rinseout, Dieselboy throws down a wide variety of current and classic tracks and edits, wrapping up the mix with 25 minutes of finely diced dubstep that showcases his current taste in the genre and forthcoming tracks from his dubstep label, Subhuman. Finally, the project is given a tongue-in-cheek graphic treatment that references the exploitation of sci-fi fantasy movie posters of the 1970s. It looks and sounds hardcore.

Without further adieu I give you the mix tape Dieselboy himself considers his best to date! (Which is saying A LOT) Also be on the lookout for a GDD™ exclusive interview with Dieselboy in the coming weeks.

Dieselboy – Unleashed! by Dieselboy

Tracklisting after the jump >>>>>>>>


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Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon sorting through promo mixes from well known artists as well as ones from the up and coming producer bro. For some reason, I guess it’s hip these days to make an entire mix of nothing but jungle drums and pitch bending horn samples. Needless to say, I gave ‘electronic dance music’ a big F U and listened to nothing but Megadeath, Danzig, and Cradle of Filth for the remainder of my Monday. Tuesday came bearing gifts. LIKE, A HUGE GIFT WRAPPED F*$KING PRESENT OF BASS. Enter RUSKO x SUB FOCUS (a match made in Hades). I really should have seen this coming as Sub Focus was my favorite act of WMC (err, maybe Nero was). The original Rusko track ‘Hold On’ will be on his upcoming album (may 4 on maddecent) rudely named ‘O.M.G.’ (what are we, dead mow 5 bro?) You can stream the original on Pitchfork, which is quite what you’d expect from a Rusko tune, a fair bit of harmonic melody and a whomping amount of bass (really dig Amber Coffman’s voice *dirty projectors*). Rusko pretty much sculpted a perfect 10 model and Sub Focus took away her gag reflex. Dark. Moody. Sexy. Violent. I’m not mad with this fusion of dubstep x dnb. At all.

Rusko – Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix)
Sub Focus – Could This Be Real (Sub Focus dnb Remix)

†moar dnb wobble mess noise†
Crissy Cress ft. Youngman MC – Pimp Game

Why am I leaving the comfort of 75 degree Miami weather for the arctic tundra (aka Toronto) — because I know you Canadians love to get dirty, of course! Thursday night we’ll be terrorizing a little soiree known as ‘dance like you fuck’ and Friday night we’ll be getting all kinds of mega at MOD. Hope to see you there! Stalk THE OVERTHROW on twitter and feel free to throw snowballs at us if you can. Just be prepared for our retaliation.

Sigma – Paint It Black <---- drum&bass nomnom*

*tune that doesnt deserve to be wedged between shitty mashups on hype’s (not so)popular chart