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This past week, Scotland’s own Polymath had his Rock The Turbine/Fragile Breaks EP released on Mortar & Pestle (label project of Dolby Anol). I was blown away not just because its another great Polymath release but more importantly because the remixes are just as amazing as they are diverse. My favor goes to ‘Fragile Breaks,’ which not only is a great techno original but the two remixes by Blende and Africa are pure gold. Blende takes it into an overdrive of filter electro at its finest, while Mortar & Pestle’s very own Africa drops the tempo by about 20 bpm and heads straight into a runaway scene from Miami Vice. LINKS FIXED, SORRY!

Polymath – Fragile Breaks (Blende Remix) √+

Polymath – Fragile Breaks (Africa Remix) √+

Say Dubai – Bum (Polymath Remix) √+