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Let me preface this by saying I fucking love Doc Daneeka. There is not a track he’s made I don’t like. As for Seven Davis Jr, “One” is an absolute GEM and I mean first “related track” that comes up on YouTube is “Deep Burnt” so you know dude is special.

The two have come together for the new single “What’s It Gonna Be?” from Daneeka’s new EP From Mine To Mistress . The single is precisely what makes the two of them so special, it’s a truly amazing collaborative effort. Doc Daneeka’s banging drums and combination of dark and light in chord progression along with SDJr’s soulful softness leave you all sorts of tingly in all the right ways. The video is just as good as the song, where Seven gets to exploit his weirdness and Doc Daneeka subtly makes his presence known by small interactions between the various worlds contained in the video. Oh, and there’s a very fun guest appearance from XXXY’s cat, why not really?

Doc Daneeka’s From Mine To Mistress EP comes out on Ten Thousand Yen on November 11th and contains four tracks. Preorder FMTM EP on iTunes

Last week on Play It Down, the UK-based label from Jesse Rose, two very talented gentlemen by the names of Doc Daneeka and Nick Hook came together on a brilliant collab track called ‘Jacking Dogs’. Doc and Nick are two extremely multi-faceted guys in the industry, both dipping their fingers in multitudes of genre and talent pots, and more importantly doing it with all sorts of style and grace. ‘Jacking Dogs’ is their first collaboration together, and with such comes with a new pseudonym: Doc:Hook.

‘Jacking Dogs’ is smooth, infectious house music, keeping with the classic Play It Down vibes whilst remaining as interesting and fresh as can be. For now it’s out exclusively on Beatport, and you can stream and purchase it below:

At the end of this month, Martin Doorly‘s set to launch his new label called Pigeonhole This! In conjunction with the label launch, Doorly will be giving away an EP featuring six of his unheard originals; we’re pretty excited to hear what he comes up with, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime though, here’s his latest remix of the new Delphic single:

From the Vault:
Delphic remixed by one of the pioneers of the future garage sound that’s popping off in the UK right now.