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Wily Joy is Back

Back with a New Format

Free Willy Wednesdays is back to a weekly format here on Gotta Dance Dirty! Every first wednesday of the month will bring a new free tune from Willy Joy himself, and for the rest of the month he will curate a selection of excellent tunes to share with you guys.

Willy’s Recommendation of the Week

This week Willy’s pick comes from the  the young princes of Jersey club music DJ Slink, DJ Rell and Nadus.

Willy says: ”There’s something about dudes who come from the bmore/philly/jersey club scene – they just know how to chop samples better and in a different way than anyone else. Here these guys take a classic Missy tune and throw it way into the future with insane chops and huge bass. I don’t always play a ton of stuff in this vein, but I’ll be playing this every set. Its just too good!”