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In anticipation of his forthcoming album due out on July 23rd, Cheap Thrills labelhead, Hervé, is releasing his next single, ‘How Can I Live Without You (Make It Right),’ on July 15th, and the Irishman known as Detboi has added a bit of Garage influence, chopped-up vocals, and top-notch percussion to Hervé’s wobbly original. The single and remix are also accompanied by a clever music video featuring a steezy 2-seater tricycle and a mini-Hervé. Download the Detboi remix and check out the video below. Continue Reading

So many good things come in 3’s. Threesomes, Hanson, Lord Of The Rings, and The Dirt #62. This week, our weekly curation features submissions from 3 of us here at GDD™, including Troy Kurtz, burn unit, and yours truly. I’d say this might be my favorite Dirt in a while, but I’ll let you guys decide. Have a listen below and head over to the GDD™ Facebook page to download the .zip with all of the tracks! Continue Reading

You might remember hearing about London’s CSY & Stripes around the holidays when we showed our full support for the debut Footsie EP on John Power‘s new Body Work imprint, which happened to be released yesterday. I’m happy to say that the guys are back in action with a new Detboi remix as well as an hour long February mix containing some fantastic House/Garage crossover productions — both are free to download.

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photo: Alex Jacob

GDD™ SPOTHEADS.004 (40 track Spotify playlist)

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Detboi’s 2nd Album Curse Of The Drums Vol. 2 was recently been released on Herve’s label Cheap Thrills. It is a party box of very eclectic jams, and I couldn’t of described it better in one sentence than across the pond via UK BASS REVIEWS:

Detboi truly showcases his immense production talents with 9 tracks spanning a multitude of genres and styles, ranging from the deep jacking tech house grooves of ‘Partys Zipped Up’ to jazzy funky disco vibes of ‘Freaky Nights’ and touching bass on everything in between.

My personal favorite tracks on the album are ‘Party’s Zipped Up’ and ‘Pick It Up.’ ‘Party’s Zipped Up’ has a great midget house vibe, with tribal drums and bouncey samples that roll it along too well. ‘Pick It Up’ is a (Busta Rhymes) vocal led 2-step garage groove with an energetic bouncy acid bassline– perfect for those late ones. In its entirety, there’s something on this album for everyone and is truly a diverse reflection on all things DRUMS.

Detboi – Party’s Zipped Up √+
Detboi – Pick It Up √+

*Listen to + pick up the rest of the EP HERE