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Alright all you snarky little fucks, I don’t wanna hear it, OK?  We know, we know…you totally jacked “Untouchable” by DeMarzo from Zippyshare like a month ago, thus making this post old news in accordance with the blog/time conversion chart.  You know what I say to that?  Screw you and your unmastered versions!

No, but real talk though – one of the absolute best pop/RnB tracks of the last decade (Robin Thicke’s “I Wanna Love U Girl”) gets a fantastic rework via the deep, warped and funky mind of DeMarzo.  At long last, the full (MASTERED!) EP is available now on Beatport.

DeMarzo has taken a track that is already incredibly deep, sexy + soulful and turned it into something even deeper, sexier + more soulful, which is a feat in itself.  Even more bad ass is accomplishing this same feat three more times – with remixes by Kolombo, Sishi Rosch and Amine Edge & Dance it’s aces all around on this brilliant EP.

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