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If albums and compilations were movies, consider this the trailer to the summer blockbuster. And I’m not talking some corny A-lister-who’s-a-little-too-old-for-the-role blockbuster, I’m talking about the hit of the summer with an amazing director and cast. I’m talking Django Unchained in the form of a music compilation.

It’s sort of inevitable in art related realms that two different kinds of collectives or people will come together unexpectedly to conjure up something special. This is exactly what happened when Simon Dunmore, the man behind Defected, and Loco Dice got to talking last year. Without the original intent to make something together, Dunmore and Dice simply started discussing their utmost passion: music. And from that, Loco Dice In The House was born. A deft collection of house and techno tunes selected by Dice himself, LDITH presents something that goes beyond any pre-conceived notions of artist and label. It’s timeless, it’s perceptive, it’s explosive.

You can watch the trailer and small interview with Loco Dice above, and may I strongly, strongly suggest you pre-order the entire compilation on iTunes HERE or Amazon HERE. It’s out July 22.