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To get you ready for our GDD x Sweat It Out Miami pool party, the label chiefs Yolanda Be Cool have offered up a little WMC secret weapon – their Sugar Man vs Mossi Mossi bootleg! Grab this one now for FREE DOWNLOAD and we’ll see you in South Beach :)

Don’t miss the Sweat It Out! Miami pool party on Friday, March 27th @ The Shelborne Wyndham Grand Hotel in South Beach, Miami.


Today, the Melbourne-based producer/DJ, DCUP, releases his new single, “Someone Told Me,” alongside remixes from La Felix, Flexcop, Space Jump Salute and Backstroke. In celebration of this release, we’ve been given the green light to give you a first listen on a stand-out rendition of the slow-burning disco groover. The newcomer, La Felix, brings a fresh arrangement and a funkier edge to “Someone Told Me,” while channeling a bit of Daft Punk/Chromeo with vocoder work. Listen below and purchase the release on iTunes.

It’s Thursday, which means another 10 free tracks to put in your pocket from your friends here at GDD™. This week, aRod and I have gathered a diverse selection for you with originals, remixes, and edits all making an appearance. Make sure to hit the zip downloads to grab them all and feel free to browse by previewing each track on the Soundcloud players below.

aRod’s ZIP (5 tracks, 58 MB)
jonah’s ZIP (5 tracks, 46MB)
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Our friends over at Vitalic Noise have gifted something rather special for us today. It’s a mix-tape consisting of pretty much all unreleased gems by their star-studded cast of artists including: Miami Horror, Goldroom, Viceroy, DCUP, Grafton Primary, Knightlife, Chela, and Good Night Keaton. See if you can guess who’s who! Also, If you’ll be in New York for CMJ, be sure to check out the Vitalic Noise Showcase HERE.

Today marks the arrival of the Spring equinox and the perfect seasonal cocktail is now being served.  My new SpringGlo 2011 Mix is a refreshing concoction that is 1 part dreamy + 1 1/2 parts disco, garnished with synth.  Sip it, pound it, shoot it, share it – whatever it takes to keep you funked up from Spring all the way thru Summer…

SpringGlo 2011 Mix by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™

Tracklist after the Jump

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Well, I was going to get this post up when I received it a couple weeks ago, but I think Thanksgiving leftovers stole my full attention. Anyway, Jen Bloom is a New York songwriter/vocalist now living in Los Angeles and has just released her debut EP on Monstr Music this past month. It’s a refreshing blend of pop and disco with an 80’s vibe that no one can argue with. Included on the EP are a pair of remixes from some names that I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of before; each putting their own stamp on the poppy original. Jen Bloom will be releasing her first full length album in 2011, so keep an eye out. Also, if you want to pick up the stems for the original make sure you hit up the Monstr Music Soundcloud.

Did you spot THIS at the end of the last one? :)

After a one week hiatus, CONTROL is back with a dancey lineup featuring two big shots of Disco House, the DnB gone Disco producer from Atlanta known as Treasure Fingers and one of the biggest up and coming names in the genre, BURNS. Unfortunately, a disco rollerskate boogie is most likely not allowed inside the Avalon in Hollywood on Friday night, but be sure to expect one happy crowd and two sensational DJs going all night.

Please RSVP names to JONAH@GOTTADANCEDIRTY.COM to be on our discount ticket list for the evening. All names must be submitted before 5:30pm Friday night.
21+: $10 before 11pm
18+: $15 before 11pm
Also, grab Treasure Fingers’ new remix of BURNS & Fred Falke in sweetFA’s post from yesterday HERE.
• Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – We No Speak Americano (SAVOY Remix) (Stream on Hype Machine)
Alright alright I know this song is played out to the max and I’m sure you’ve put it in the depths of your memories like I have, but in case you ever need to put some Dutch bang into a song request, give this one a go. Hopefully our friends, SAVOY, will be coming to LA soon!

With so many wonderfully diverse tracks, I think it’s safe to say that Miami Horror’s debut album, “Illumination”, will continue to get remixed to death until somewhere around 2012. The brand new single, “Holidays”, which features Neon Indian/Vega frontman Alan Palomo, already has a handful of remixes floating around and the track hasn’t even been officially released yet.

First up is a fun little DJ-friendly edit by Shield Your Eyes. All I know about this dude is that he’s from Chicago and he wears glasses, so you know the edit will be solid:
Miami Horror – Holidays (Shield Your Eyes Big Chorus Edit) by aRod@GottaDanceDirty

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Here at GDD, we try to provide the best and most eclectic in electronic music today. As a huge supporter of the harder lazer beams in the industry, it is not only my duty but my pleasure in letting you dirty dancers in as much of the nasty nasty and the boom boom you can handle. I have some huge releases for you guys below, coming from some huge producers that you most definitley need to watch for in 2010.

First we have two remixes of Australia’s Art Vs. Science. The Kissy Sell Out version is a bangerholic, and is for sure ‘big room’ appropriate; DCUP‘s take on the track takes you on an acid flashback lazer ride through time. If you don’t know what that means, well, its a DAMN GOOD thing.
Next, we have a massive release from the joined forces of Electrixx and Alex Mind. If you don’tknow what happens when Berlin and Brazil get together on a track, your about to be melted into a puddle splashing on the ground. Excellent production, with great vocals on ‘No Discussion.’ Alex Mind’s ‘Peacemakers’ is a diamond in the rough, and He is a big shooter to follow from now on. Major work from these hooligans. Don’t sleep on these chuunes.