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The nice folks over at Scion A/V have recently been putting together some great exclusive video content taken from their widely respected Music(less) Conference that occurred here in Los Angeles this past summer — with deep, inquisitive looks into the careers and music-making processes of some of the industry’s finest including Steve Aoki, Dam Funk, Mark Ronson, Nadastrom and more. The entire catalog of these conference videos can be found over on the Scion A/V website, but first take a look above for an exclusive premiere of a look inside Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom’s creative process here in Los Angeles.


♥ jonahberry

Tomorrow, Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom will be releasing their latest 6-track EP, El Baile Diabluma, on Scion A/V, complete with 4 original tracks plus a Dub and remix from fellow DC club veteran, Tittsworth. As Scion A/V is known as a gracious and generous label, all six tracks will be released for FREE tomorrow on the Scion A/V website. Get a head start by picking up the Tittsworth remix below, and don’t forget to get your full fix mañana.

Nadastrom – El Baile Diabluma EP
1) Diabluma Theme
2) i!!
3) Dusted (Feat. Sabo)
4) Say My Name (Feat. Munchi & Jen Lasher)
5) Diabluma Theme (Tittsworth Remix)
6) Dub-a-bluma 



What’s up dirty dancers?  GDD homie Dillon Francis‘ debut EP, Westside is out and it is massive! Don’t miss out on this one folks, come grab Dillon’s newest EP, featuring collaborations with Diplo, Dave Nada and DJ Ammo.

Download Munchi’s remix of Brazzers Theme below!

Dillon Francis & Dave Nada-Brazzers Theme (Munchi’s Fuck That It’s Bangbros Rmx) by maddecent

Purchase the EP on Beatport here!

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This week, we at GDD™ are pleased to bring you a special Dirt takeover by our friend and Father of Moombahton, DAVE NADA! For those who do not know anything about Moombahton, it all started in 2009 when Dave played at his little cousin’s school ditch party back in Maryland where he slowed down the popular Afrojack remix to 108 beats per minute to appease the crowd. Since then, he’s been making reggaeton-tempo edits of Dutch house and tropical house, and clubs have been going crazy for the stuff. Now, Moombahton has picked up even more speed and has been embraced by some of the largest producers in the world. Dirty dancers, I give you Dave Nada’s : Many Moves of Moombahton! GDD™ style.

“Some like it hard, some like it soft, but everyone likes it hot. Here are some of my favorite moombahton tracks that represent the many vibes of the genre. The diversity of moombahton proves that there’s something for everyone…” – Dave Nada

Dave was kind enough to give us a complete overview of the Moombahton genre, all the way from the hardest style to the soul style. Check them all out and enjoy! They all are downloadable for free! Heres the .zip file

Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi

Shy Day by David Heartbreak

Sabina (Four Four Bass rmx – Nadastrom Moombahton edit).mp3 by T&ARecords

Jesus Creates Moombahton by djsabo

BOYFRIEND – Baltoji Varnele Edit by BOYFRIEND

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Heads Will Roll” (A-Mac Moombahton Edit) (Download able)

Cumbia Nightlife (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit) by SolSelectas

If you still haven’t had your fill of moombahton, please check out Dave’s Blog: http://moombahton.tumblr.com

I hope you guys enjoy this week’s installment of The Dirt. I promise you MOOMBAHTON is the genre of the future. Just watch!


KMOC + Dave Nada

Tamie Adaya and her latest venture, Crown Jewels, are throwing a cozy (read: crazy) little warehouse party at The Well tonight and tomorrow morning.  You may recall this venue if you attended the HARD afterparty on Halloween that Boys Noize ended up taking the reigns of.  Doorly, Toddla T, Them Jeans + Dan O of Dim Mak, Dillon Francis and Nadastrom’s Dave Nada tag teaming a moombahton set and our very own Matt Black closing things out.  Can’t mention the special guest (hint: UK MC, he’s a big deal) but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure more out after poking around the facebook page.  Be sure to RSVP.

All my best,


With the recent rise of support towards our locally grown and GDD familiars PeaceTreaty & Dillon Francis, I have for you some new frontiers from both up-and-comers. Expanding their dirty horizons, PeaceTreaty have produced their first dubstep creation in the form of a remix for Natalia Kills ‘Wonderland,’ coming out soon on Interscope Records. Way to go boys.

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending a few days with Grant Dull, label manager and co-founder of ZZK records in Argentina. Grant also doubles as a DJ El G, which is what brought him to Miami. I caught one of his sets at an outdoor festival and I immediately knew he was onto something when I saw a 60 (70?) year old abuela dancing next to a family dancing next to some hipsters dancing next to some security guards. The sophisticated blogger bro would be quick to generalize and say his sound is that of moonbahton, but I heard everything from tropical Afro-Cuban influences to jazz, cumbia, hip-hop, and a large portion of electronic, not just a few Dave Nada mp3s he found on hypemachine. Once I got to digging, I realized he’s sitting on a gold-mine with a whole host of ZZK artists that filled his set, most noticeably was Frikstailers. They just released an EP titled ‘Bicho de Luz’, and are giving away ‘Dancehallete’ for free. They are also embarking on a US tour right now, and will be playing in LA Sept. 28 at The Echo. The other track I’m posting is a remix by Douster. Originally from France, he spent a few years in Argentina and obviously fell in with the ZZK dudes. He hit it big once Aoki got behind his ‘King of Africa’ track, and I’m sure I probably broke a few of your hearts because you thought it was a Lion King – Steve Aoki Remix o_O.

Frikstailers – Dancehallete
Fauna – Gauchito Gil (Douster Remix)


Sept 25 @ Chicago World Music Festival, SmartBar, Chicago IL w/ El G
Sept. 26 @ Beauty Bar, Austin, TX w/ El G
Sept. 27 @ Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco, CA w/ El G
Sept. 28 @ The Echo, Los Angeles, CA w/ El G
Sept. 29 @ Nectar, Seattle, WA w/ El G
Oct. 1 @ Coco 66, Brooklyn, New York, NY w/ El G
Oct 2 @ VIA Festival, Iron City Brewery, Pittsburgh, PA w/ El G

Oct 4 @ Beat Research, Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA w/ El G

BLAU! Hope all of you kids had a good time this weekend out at EDC I know that much of the GDD crew did. It was awesome to meet so many of you that read our posts and support what we do and we really appreciate all the love. So now you LA people have 3 more days of recovery before the next massive show at the Avalon. The big time breakbeat enthusiasts known as Stanton Warriors will be making a CONTROL debut this Friday along with the bass heavy duo from DC known as Nadastrom. Neither of these acts were in town last weekend so get some fresh sets into your electronic veins.

Your pal ///BONES will be mainstage this week as well, taking the reigns late night to throw down for you night owls.
Please RSVP names and pluses to jonah@gottadancedirty.com to be put on our discount ticket list for the evening. All guests enter through the left side Honey Lounge entrance. Pricing will be as follows:
-21+: $10 before 11pm
-18+: $15 before 11pm
Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom were kind enough to deliver us an exclusive mix to get you guys pumped for this week, and you know it’s got some of that Moombahton in there.

– Pase Rock – “Nights” (Nadastrom Remix)
– Bingo Players ft. Lady Gaga – “Devotion” (Nadastrom Edit)
– Shiny Toy Guns – “Ricochet” (Nadastrom Head Spin Dub)
– Nadastrom – “Save Us”
– Nadastrom – “Ghetto Pass” (LA Riots Remix)
– Congorock ft. Mr. Lexx – “Babylon”
– Nadastrom ft. South Rakkas Crew – “Squarez” (Nadastrom’s Get Mad Edit)
– AC Slater ft. Ninjasonik – “Take You” (Nadastrom Remix)
– Benny Bennasi ft. Kelis, Apl.De.Ap, Jean Baptiste – “Spaceship” (Nadastrom Remix)
– Mele – “Bombay” (Nadastrom Remix)
– Blaqstarr – “Tote It”
– Fugative – “Crush” (Nadastrom Remix)
– Udachi – “Pfunk Skank” (Nadastrom Remxi)
– Blaqstarr – “Get Your Handz Up” (Nadastrom Limbo Remix)
– Silvio Ecomo, DJ Chuckie – “Moombah” (Afrojack Remix)
– Nadastrom – “Be Faithful Moombahton” (Crooklyn Jacked Edit)
– Dave Nada – “Moombahton”
– Dave Nada – “Riverside” (Moombahton Edit)
– Yeah Yeah Yeahs/A-Trak – “Heads Will Roll” (A-Mac Moombahton Edit)
– Steve Starks – “Lydia” (Nadastrom’s Moombahton Remix)
– N.A.S.A. ft. M.I.A, Santigold, Spankrock. – “Watchadoin” (Uncle Jesse Moompatron Edit)
– Mu-Gen – “Fizzdom” (Munchi Moombahton Remix)
– Tittsworth ft. Kid Sister, Pase Rock – “WTF” (Nadastrom’s Crazy Edit)
Lil Wayne – “A Milli” (Nadastrom Remix) oldie but goooooodie!
– Art vs. Science – “Parlez Vous Francais” (Nadastrom Remix)

In the comments section, write your best story about EDC last weekend and whoever has the craziest, most ridiculous story will get two tickets to the show on Friday. Even if you don’t want tickets and just want to write a nutty story, please feel free to do that too.

Miami folk get bored. Like, really quickly. Which is why OVERTHROW is bringing 12th Planet BACK to your favorite rave cave, Whiteroom. Annie Mac was quoted as saying that he was THE guy to see at WMC, which is why I’ll see you Saturday night on the dancefloor all sweaty and smiling. Tickets are $10 pre-sale, but the first two to email troy@theoverthrow.com your full name and the grimiest tune you wish to hear will get in F R E E.
*tix have been won*

Dave Nada – Apocalypse Theme (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)
Kelly Dean & Steady – Teflon ft. Kemst (Datsik & Excision Remix)