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Matt Hill, better known as synth composer Umberto, gives us ‘Confrontations’– a lurid album jammed with an italo-disco/soundtrack-esque mood that will make you travel into a creepy foreign landscape once your eyelids shut.

Hill’s sounds in “Confrontations” are more defined from 70’s synth pop punctuations, relatively different than his three previous and more giallo directed productions. It’s impossible not to name drop horror genre maestro Dario Argento for all the imagery in the tracks, but mix it with some flickering Giorgio Morder disco and get caught in the hypnotic road trip Umberto wants you to ride. Continue Reading

Ms. Tamara Sky and myself, Tre are on dirt duty this week and we have some splendidly fresh sounds for your experienced ears.  From massive drops to spotless underlying groove, Tamara and myself have covered all the bases.  So sit back, grab some free tunes and enjoy!

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19 year old producer Etnik has got me counting down the days until his newest EP, Vino drops.  The title track, Vino is full of huge drops, analog sounding synths and a certain dark yet brilliant sound that has become rare in todays EDM scene. The Vino EP will feature a first class set of remixes from Rynecologist, NT89 and Borussia.  The EP is due to drop on April 10th.

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Canadian Techno/New Wave & video game aficionado, Marc Houle, released music under the Minus label for many years. But like the old saying goes, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”  This, along with the fact that Houle’s musical inclinations were veering further away from Minus’ new sound, made him realize it was time to do his own thing in order to stay true to his unique retro sound. Continue Reading

The third and final installment of the Unified Theory trilogy from the Belgian duo Mumbai Science features two tracks, Chemistry and Alchemy that are a nice blend of house and techno. I must say that this final installment is my favorite; it just gives me my much-needed dark and acid vibes.  Both tracks are huge and are a must get!

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Turbo Recordings French Techno antihero Gesaffelstein never ceases to amaze. He’s been consistently rising to the top with his elegant but dark & violent thumping sounds. I must warn you… his music might provoke stripping, killing and/or flesh eating >:).

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Clouds‘ new EP, Optic, dropped the other day on Turbo Recordings and it’s unsurprisingly impressive. With Optic, the duo brings us more massive, bass heavy hits that continue to wreak havoc on dance floors across the globe.  While Clouds’ particular sound hasn’t changed much, this EP shows a little more maturity in their production decisions.  I’m particularly vibing to the title track, Optic.

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I’m not going to lie, I could barely contain my excitement when I heard that Ideal Audio‘s latest podcast featured Electric Rescue.  You heard right, the French producer is back with an incredible mix that demonstrates his superior mixing ability but also his impeccable track selection.

Warning: this mix is not for the faint of heart, if you don’t like dark-driving grooves with evil digital undertones then I would steer clear.

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What’s up dirty dancers?  My (Tre) new EP, The Jenova Project dropped last week on Beatport but I have decided to give it away as a free download to all the loyal GDD™ readers!  I put a lot of hard work into this one folks and I think it’s my best release to date.  If you’re a fan of dark and sinister Electro/Techno then this one might just be for you.  Otherwise grab the EP anyway because chances are you’ll be digging one of the massive remixes from  Charles I, Gotsu Ongeslis and gLAdiator!

*Also, get ready for an upcoming EP from myself & Charles I

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India’s own Arjun Vagale just dropped his newest EP, Danger Mouse and it’s nothing short of a Tech-House bomb!  The EP is exactly what you would expect from the massive producer: dark, hypnotic and brilliant.  Arjun Vagale’s talent shines bright throughout the entire EP but I’ve taken a partcular liking to the title-track, Danger Mouse.  Danger Mouse‘s complex sequencing and catchy lead have me listening to the song on repeat! Check it out after the jump!

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