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Big ups to our reader submitted GDD babe of the week!

After a short hiatus for the festive season, we’re back to bring you the first Dirt of 2011! Starting the year off strong, this week we’ve a fresh 14 in store, accumulating some of the hottest tracks in tropical tech, disco-house, electro and dubstep. Fear not Dirty Dancers, we will indeed be back with another helping next week. Whether it lands on a Wednesday or Saturday is up to the powers that be, but feel free to stick your oar in by voicing your thoughts on our facebook page and the comments section below.

Without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to dish The Dirt, number 22…

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The time has finally come. GDD™ and DANCEiSM have teamed up to bring a weekly electronic party to the West Side of Los Angeles in 2011. For those of you who missed it, we threw a VS. preview party back in November with Ooah (The Glitch Mob), Peacetreaty, Mr. White, ///BONES, and Kenya, and after hearing such supportive responses about the venue, music selection, and overall experience, we have decided to make The Central in Santa Monica our new home on Thursdays this year. This Thursday will be the launch of VS., and we have called upon friends to come out and DJ our first party with us. We’ll have DJs from Shifty Rhythms, Uh Oh Disco, GDD™, and DANCEiSM on hand for some great tunage, so please come out to support the birth of a new, West Side party that will hopefully bring new life to the Los Angeles electronic scene. We are extremely excited about this new venture, and we hope that you all come out and show us the amazing, continued support + love you’ve had for GDD™ in the past years. Here’s to 2011!

Listing Info:
Gotta Dance Dirty + DANCEiSM present VS. Launch Party
The Central: Social Aid & Pleasure Club
1348 14th St. Santa Monica, CA
January 6th, 2011
PS – Don’t forget to buy tickets for our HUGE second VS. party next Thursday, January 13th with Round Table Knights, Bareback DJs, and ///BONES. It’s the first stop on RTK’s first North American tour and is not to be missed! $10 w/ RSVP!

Happy Halloween week everyone! I hope you are all getting your weird, raved-out costumes together for the epic weekend ahead. As mentioned last week, we have a HUGE lineup for this Friday at CONTROL with a DJ set from Hot Chip and LIVE performances by Danger! and Drop The Lime. Now I know that some of you are on the fence about going to Hard Haunted Mansion and I am in no way trying to stray you from the amazing music that you would hear at the Shrine, but if your pockets aren’t as deep as they usually are or you feel like dancing to some great tunes in a more intimate setting, I definitely recommend coming to party with us at the Avalon. We will be holding down The House Party as usual with our good friends sweetFA, Mr. Anderson, Zander, and other special guest DJs. In addition, the Avalon and Bardot are teaming up this week, so Dim Mak’s Autoerotique will be playing upstairs along with a few other artists.

Please RSVP at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on the GDD guestlist for discount tickets (10$).

As usual, here are some tracks to groove to while constructing your sweet bubble wrap jumpsuit that you’re going to wear this Friday/Saturday.

bonus! a pretty awesome (and long) video of Danger! performing live.

Im a sucker for anything irie and mysterious.  Danger always rubs me in the right spot with his dark ominous flute tones and time traveling music.  I like to picture danger wearing a zortak jumpsuit flying out of a black hole and getting dirty on the decks.  And of coarse i’m in the front row Hammered drunk!  
If you ever stumble upon an opportunity to see his set live, i highly suggest you do…it’s a very intricate and layered… definitely outta this world.  I looked over to my left when i saw him last at avalon and i was standing next to none other than le castle vania who quoted “i love danger.”  Well we love danger too, so check it one time one time!
Do you want chills?  Do you want to experience something mystic?  Download these and find out.  If you missed my last posts on danger, they can be found here and here.
this would give estelle shivers 
mystic spin on the classic

Wow. THis guy is a whole new slap to the face of fresh electro fun. Known for his intergalactic sounding noise, DANGER is taking the dance scene by storm with his eccentric live shows and hypnotic heavy beats. If your with me here in lala land, be sure to see DANGER share the stage with a rare Fischerspooner DJ set at CONTROL Fridays @ The Avalon (H-WOOD), tickets are $20 at the door. Mellow. For now, try DANGER on for size. mhmm.

DANGER – 00h00 (ft. Vyle)
DANGER – 14h54
Sebastien Tellier – Divine (DANGER Remix)
SymbolOne – Love Juice (DANGER Remix) (MUST HAVE)
Midnight Juggernauts – Into The Galaxy (DANGER Remix)

and a little more shameless self promotion, I cleaned up my Los Angeles VuVu… sounds a lot cleaner in bass and vocal pitch, with a couple fun inserts of a song you electro kids might recognize. Listen all the way through to see what im sprayin.

BONES – L.A. VuVu (2.0)

Another BONES Mix Coming Soon? you betchur’ ass.