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The homie Rynecologist revealed his latest track, “B.A.N.,” today; releasing it as part of the Dance Mania tribute compilation on Boys Noize Records that we mentioned last week. Ryne’s offering features some jackin’ Ghetto Tech bass ready for the club, sticking with the overarching direction of the compilation that pays respects to the longtime Chicago imprint run by DJ Funk. Listen below and snag the compilation today on Beatport.

dance mania boys noize

As Calvin Harris once said, “I’ve got love for you if you were born in the 80s.” Since I was born in the grand year of 1988, this new tune from BNR Records reps, Boys Noize & Housemeister, on the new Dance Mania tribute compilation naturally stood out immediately to me. “1988” boasts a classic rave vibe, with rough analog production pumping along relentlessly at 130BPM.

A huge fan of Chicago’s DJ Funk and the Dance Mania imprint of the 90s, Boys Noize lauds the relevancy of the Dance Mania sound to this day, and we’d have to agree with him. Pick up the 13 track compilation on BNR November 25th and check “1988” below.