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Sorry for the late post this week guys. I randomly decided to go to Vegas on Tuesday night after having a stiff Crown & Coke in Santa Barbara with some friends, and got back late last night with a sore throat and questionable morals. Anyways, I’m back in party-mode already and this Friday the Avalon welcomes Le Castle Vania, Computer Club, and Paparazzi to the main stage. We would also like to congratulate our good friend Ed Gold for making it to the main stage this week, who will be throwing down some goodies for all you kiddos late night.

Please RSVP at jonah@gottadancedirty.com to be on our reserve discount ticket list.
Pricing will be as follows:
21+: 10$ before 12am 15$ after (Enter through left side Honey Lounge entrance).
18+: 15$ before 12am 20$ after (Enter through main central entrance).

Check out this MONSTER mixtape LCV did back in April:


An oldie from LCV’s side project Lies In Disguise.

Hey GDD™ nation. Just wanted to update you all on our event this Friday as Brazzabelle has been replaced with Fake Rich’s Tealong. On top of that, I was lucky enough to have a fast five questions with Amir Derakh of Circuit Freq today, and he also threw us over a brand new, exclusive re-edit of his most recent single, ‘The Filth‘. Check it out.

gottadancedirty™: Thanks for taking the time to answer a few Q’s with us Amir. Sticking to GDD tradition, what is your usual drink order? We’ll grab one for you this Friday at the Avalon.

Amir Derakh: Haha OK! My usual weapon of choice is Grey Goose on the rocks with Soda Water and lots of Limes.

gdd: So you used to be in the very successful band, Orgy, going platinum with the huge album ‘Candyass’ back in the late 90s. What made you leave that behind to focus more on your new project Circuit Freq?

AD: Orgy became very dysfunctional towards the end of 2000 unfortunately and the funny thing is, we never broke up… We have been on hiatus since Ryan (the other guitarist in Orgy) and I started our new band Julien-K. We talk to the other guys regularly but haven’t played together since 2003. Since then we released one Julien-K album, landed songs in movies and video games like Transformers and Underworld and have done a number of remixes for other artists. Most recently the Cure. We are currently working on the follow up JK album. Last year we also released an album by another band we are in called Dead By Sunrise and just got back from an amazing world tour. So to finally answer your question, I never really left all that behind…
I’ve also been a working DJ for 15 years and with the surge of electronic music that started a few years back I decided to get back in the game. That’s how Circuit Freq came about. Fu (the other half of CF) and I fucking love club music and remixing so we decided to just do it after my friend Joel (Deadmau5) suggested it. Simultaneously we started our label Circuit Freq Records which releases our own music as well as other artists. Our latest release is a “Best Of” compilation with remixes by the likes of Zodiac Cartel, Electrixx, Stupid Fresh & Felix Cartal included. LINK to label.
gdd: Would you say that rock music is now being overshadowed by the recent escalation in fans of electronic music?

AD: No, but electronic music is gaining ground very quickly! No way to know how big it will get or when it is going to peak (no pun intended haha) but its definitely heading there fast. I’m VERY excited that its happening now! As this is my favorite genre of music…

gdd: Where do you see Circuit Freq going? I saw on your Facebook that you are planning on getting a live performance together. What will this include?

AD: All the bands that I’m in have some sort of electronic element to them especially Julien-K which is a hybrid rock/electronic act. Right now a Circuit Freq show is just my DJ set, but Fu and I are brainstorming to put together a live set, while watching performance technology advance. At some point when we have enough material and we find the right gear to do what we want we’ll move to a hybrid DJ/ band performance worthy of the name “Circuit Freq”.

gdd: What should we expect from your set this Friday? Will it get the kiddos dancing dirty?

AD: I play pretty hard Electro House mostly but I do like to cross genres occasionally with Indie, House, Techno and Breaks. Of course I will be playing some Circuit Freq! I have a new Edit of “The Filth” I will be playing and I’m also offering it up to your followers exclusively here.
gdd: Thanks so much again Amir. I really appreciate it I’ll see you on Friday.
REMEMBER to RSVP for this Friday at jonah@gottadancedirty.com to be on our discount ticket list. It’s going to be a good time. I promise.
Thank you for reading. The reward is filth:

LA residents and Daniel Ledisko and Jon Pegnato, better known to you as LA Riots from the Fool’s Gold label, will be headlining this Friday at the Avalon along with supporting acts by Circuit Freq and San Diego resident Brazzabelle. Be ready for a long night of main room electro beats served up with a side of sexiness from Honey Lounge residents ///BONES and Audrey Napoleon.

Please RSVP at JONAH@gottadancedirty.com to be on our discount ticket list for the evening. Pricing will be as follows:
-21+: 10$ before 1030pm 15$ after
-18+: 15$ before 1030pm 20$ after
Here’s an unreleased track by the LA duo:
BONUS! fresh in from our friend SonicC

This Friday the Avalon in Hollywood will be inundated with live electronics and bassy tunage as CONTROL welcomes Daedelus, PANTyRAiD, and Two Fresh to its weekly get together.

Please RSVP with names and pluses to JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on our discount ticket list for the evening. Pricing will be as follows:
-21+: 10$ before 1030pm 15$ after (enter through the left side Honey Lounge entrance)
-18+: 15$ before 1030pm 20$ after (enter through main central entrance)
Check out this video of Daedelus doing what he does best on a roof in Silverlake…

And some oldies but goodies released last year by PANTyRAiD on their album ‘The Sauce‘.

For those of you not able to make the trek out to Miami next weekend, don’t fret for there will be a killer show at the Avalon, just like every Friday. Headlining the night will be the Chicago native duo Santiago & Bushido, and if you’ve seen their DJ sets before you know what a flawless performance those guys put on. Supporting S&B will be blog phenomenon Don Diablo. I’m actually a bit bummed that I won’t be able to make it this Friday as I’ve wanted to see this guy for a long time, and his recent collaborations with Sidney Samson have been absolutely killer. So wipe that Miami-less frown upside-down and come shake it in Hollywood next Friday.

As always, please RSVP and send names to JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on our discount ticket list. 21+ enter through the left side Honey Lounge entrance and youngsters enter through the main central entrance. Pricing will be $10 before 11pm and $15 after so get there early and have a drink :)
Crunchy little synth action in this one. Hipster stomp at the ready.
Get in that nu-disco Delorean with Dr. Schlongo and ride back in time.
Fresh off of Miami Noize. I just had to post this one. So naughty, yet so nice. Cheers to Chemical Jump.

What’s good Durty Dancers?! This Friday, Control is set for another tripleheader, this time welcoming from the UK: BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Jesse Rose & Toddla T. The Avalon is the first leg on their whistlestop tour of the US which will also see them playing sets at WMC in Miami next week.

The Honey Lounge will be going off as per usual with a stacked lineup that includes GDD™ favorite Tre, alongside a DJ set from New Yorkers The Glass, Ed Gold, Audrey Napoleon and SweetFA.

Please RSVP and send names to JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on our discount ticket list for the evening. Pricing will be as follows:
21+: 10$ before 11pm 15$ after
under 21: 15$ before 11pm 20$ after

21+ enters through the left side Honey Lounge entrance and the youngsters cruise through the main central entrance.

photo cred: Twitter.com/ToddlaT
Last week I was lucky enough to catch up with an artist who’s interested me a great deal over the past year or so, for his unique sound and energetic live sets. From Sheffield in the UK, he is Tom Bell also known as Toddla T and he shall be gracing the mainstage at the Avalon this Friday. We had a chat about his upcoming North America tour, a new record and his recent trip to Jamaica with Major Lazer. Here’s how it went…

GottaDanceDirty™: Thanks for taking the time Toddla, we really appreciate it.

Toddla T: Not a problem man, it’s nothing. I’d chat all day if I could.

GDD™: Have you always spun dancehall, twostep and dub or has it been a lengthy process developing the sound you have now?

TT: Basically, when I was 10 and old enough to start buying my own records, I was mad into hip-hop. So from 10-15 I was like a purist, of American hip-hop mainly. When I was about 15 I got into reggae and dancehall, then garage kicked off in the UK, and then I got into House and Techno. By the time I was actually making music, I was into so much that it moulded the sound that I have now.

GDD™: So when you were growing up in Sheffield who were the main artists that influenced you?

TT: To be honest, it was mainly the local djs and producers who really made me go “Wow!” Even though they were playing music from all over the place, it was the way they put the tunes together at the parties I’d go to, that made me go “Fuckin’ hell this is amazing” and really opened my mind. They were the guys who would string together dancehall with dance music, and really Sheffield-ey electro stuff. It made sense, and it still to me is the most incredible sound that’s individual to Sheffield and the party scene there. There’s a producer called Ross Orton who really put that sound together well. I used to go around and chill with him, he’d play me stuff that would knock my head off!! He actually engineered and mixed my Skanky Skanky album. So even though the music was from everywhere around the world, it was put together in a very special Sheffield style – something that has influenced me more than anything else so far.

GDD™: It’s definitely a unique sound you’ve got going on.

TT: Wicked, thanks man.

GDD™: I was lucky enough to catch you at Fabric a couple of times last year with Serocee, are you bringing him out to the States to MC for you?

TT: I’m not this time unfortunately, because of visa issues but we’ll be back in America soon and he’s gonna come. Unfortunately, it’s just me, so I might have to step up to the mic a few times haha.

GDD™: What direction do you think you’ll be taking in 2010 given your influences?

TT: I’m making my next album right now as we speak. As far as the production goes, its deeper in a few areas: the record’s got a vocals straight from Jamaica rather than British Jamaican ones. I’ve been to Jamaica a couple of times over the past year and got really tucked into the root of the stuff I really love. Dj-wise, I’m just into new dance music that’s got a bit of weight and something about it, but I guess I’ll be playing whatever’s really exciting and wicked in the clubs, always with that party element in mind. As far as the production goes, it’s going to be a little bit deeper and not as cartoonish I suppose. We’ll wait until the album’s finished.

GDD™: Mate, you can’t call Skanky Skanky a cartoon album. Come on, you’re selling yourself short…

TT: I like that though, I like the fact that it’s kind of cartoonish in areas. It makes it fun you know? Which is wicked because that’s me and that’s what it’s about. But I really like the idea of going and making a deeper one now. Then again, I won’t know that until it’s finished, so I don’t want to speak before I’ve made the thing.

GDD™: Looking forward to hearing what you’re going to bring out. I heard rumors that last week you were out in Jamaica with Major Lazer?

TT: Yeh, that was wicked man.

GDD™: Could we get the inside scoop on what you were doing out there?

TT: Yeh sure, I was working with Dave [Switch]. They rented a house for a month and a lot of studios, and wanted people to come over and vibe off it, to throw ideas back and forth. So I went over for 4 days, it was a flying visit and due to my calendar being so mad right now, I couldn’t get any longer off. I built a couple of tracks with them, worked on vocal sessions and just kind of bounced ideas with them. It was for their project, so I was writing beats with them, but after I’d finished my 4 days there it’s kind of up to them to determine what they do with it. But it was incredible man, Pon De Floor is kicking off in Jamaica right now, it took a lot of time to catch on, but it’s really happening. Major Lazer are getting a lot of respect and heat out in Jamaica, so a lot of the artists were really enthusiastic to work with them. We had Beenie Man; Elephant Man; bare people man, it was an incredible experience.

GDD™: What an awesome experience man, that’s very cool. On a lighter note: three artists that you’re mad about for 2010?

TT: Redlight, he used to be called Clipz, he’s currently making mad sh*t between 130 and 140bpm and it’s genre-less, proper UK bass music, with a big breaky element. An 18 year old MC called Maxsta from East London is really talented too. I don’t know what it is about Max, but he just stands out straight away. I think with the right production he could be someone really big and successful. Also, he’s not a new act at all, but Seiji is back with complete and utter fire. He’s in Bugz In The Attic, and he’s doing his solo stuff again. Really beat driven, he’s banging out so many tunes. I know he’s been around for a while, but I think at the time of the whole bass music/dubstep thing, his sound is more relevant now to the masters than ever before.

GDD™: Back in October you tore it up at the Scion Party at the Roxy in Hollywood. Is it difficult playing to Americans who perhaps don’t understand what skankin’ is, and don’t get the whole Boom DJ persona?

TT: Haha. Yeh, when I went to America last time and played at that Scion thing, it was the first time I’d dj’d in the States. My main concern was whether the people there would understand the tunes. But I was really surprised how well it went down, because I was getting booked for a lot of dubstep things. A lot of the stuff I play is quite close to that, the sort of funky bassline stuff is not that different. And then I played other parties; I played a Fool’s Gold party in New York which was more housey disco-electro, and again people seemed really into it. So to be honest, I didn’t have a rubbish gig at all, it was a brilliant experience and I was quite surprised at how much the Americans were into it. Looking forward to this next one.

GDD™: Yeh, we’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Avalon. Last of all, and I have to ask you this because of the nature of our blog: When you’re not on the 1s and 2s, do you dance dirty?

TT: Do I dance dirty? Yeh man! Even if I’m on the 1s and 2s I dance. If I’m on the turntables or not, I don’t know if I’d call it dirty dancing, but there’s now’t wrong with a bit of flesh!

GDD™: Toddla T, thanks for your time.

Here’s Toddla’s Essential Mix to get the blood pumping for Friday, it’s going to be a big one…

1. Mantronix ‘King Of The Beats’ (Simply Vinyl)
2. Main Source ‘Lookin At The Front Door’ (Wild Pitch Records)
3. Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg ‘Deep Cover’ (Death Row Records)
4. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo ‘In The Streets Of New York‘ (Cold Chillin’)
5. Nas ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell’ (Columbia)
6. Notorious BIG ‘Juicy (Remix)’ (Bad Boy Entertainment)
7. Smif-n-Wessun ‘Wrekonize‘ (Sound Bwoy Bureill Wreck Records)
8. Yvette Michelle ‘I’m Not Feelin You’ (Loud Records)
9. Tupac ‘Do For Love’ (Interscope)
10. Slum Village ft Busta Rhymes ‘What It’s All About’ (Barak Records)
11. A Tribe Called Quest ‘Bonita Applebum (Why Version)’ (Jive)
12. Carly Simon ‘Why’ (Mirage)
13. Gapband ‘Outstanding‘ (Total Experience Records)
14. Dazz Band ‘You Are My Starship (Urbanstar Remix)’ (Urbanstar)
15. Toddla T ft Siobhan Gallagher & Tinchy Styder ‘Butter Me Up’ (1965 Records)
16. Saint Etienne ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ (Heavenly)
17. Roisin Murphy ‘You Know Me Better (Toddla T Remix)’ (EMI Records)
18. Toddla T ‘Better’ (1965 Records)
19. Talking Heads ‘Girlfriend Is Better’ (EMI Records)
20. ABC ‘The Look Of Love’ (Mercury)
21. Electric Funk ‘On A Journey’ (Prelude Records)
22. Lady Cop ‘To Be Real’ (FFRR)
23. Cajmere ft Walter Phillips ‘Midnight’ (Cajual Record)
24. Popular Peoples Front ‘Make It Hot’ (The Popular People’s Front UK)
25. Basement Jaxx ‘Do Your Thing (Seiji Remix)’ (XL Recordings)
26. Skream ‘Midnight Request Line (Switch Remix)’ (Tempa)
27. Supafix ‘Jomsong’ (Earth Records)
28. Kerri Chandler ‘Bar A Thym’ (NRK/Nite Grooves)
29. Surkin ‘White Knight 2’ (Institubes)
30. Mike Dunn Presents The MD Express ‘God Made Me Funky’ (Open)
31. Crazy Cousinz VS Common ‘Do You Funky’ (White Label)
32. Alison Hinds ‘Roll It Gal (A Lil’ Bit Funky VIP)’ (1720 Entertainment)
33. Zed Bias ‘Neighbourhood 09’ (White Label)
34. Sia ‘Littleman (Wookie Remix)’ (Long Lost Brother Records)
35. Tell Me ‘Tell Me’ (White Label)
36. Mr Oizo ‘Flatbeat (Remix)’ (PIAS)
37. So Solid Crew ‘Oh No (Sentimental Things)’ (Relentless Records)
38. Wiley ‘Eskimo’ (Kat Records)
39. Dizzee Rascal ‘I Luv U’ (XL Recordings)
40. Busy Signal ‘Tic Toc (J Needles Driver Blend)’ (VP Records)
41. Wideboys ‘Westside (06 Up Norf 06 Mix)’ (Point Blank Records)
42. Lady Ragga ‘Niche Crew’ (Sub Jams)
43. DJ Luck & MC Neat ‘With A Little Bit Of Luck (Dub Militia Remix)’ (Red Rose)
44. Benga Vs M Dubs ‘Bump In The Knight’ (White Label)
45. Klaxons ‘Not Over Yet (Skream Remix)’ (Polydor)
46. Juju ‘Punks’ (NarcoHz)
47. Loefah ‘Disko Rekah’ (Deep Medi Musik)
48. Mala ‘Alicia’ (White Label)
49. Roy Davis JR ‘Gabriel (M Beat Mix)’ (XL Recordings)
50. Fugees ‘Ready Or Not (DJ Hype Remix)’ (Columbia)
51. Leviticus ‘Burial‘ (Philly Blunt Records)
52. Toddla T & Herve ‘Shake It (Red Light Jungle Revenge Remix)’ (1965 Records)
53. Skobbz ‘Sleng Teng (Jungle Mash Up) (Rockers)
54. Backyard Dog ‘Baddest Ruffest (Pipes & Slippers Mix)’ (Warner Music UK)
55. Toddla T ‘Rice & Peas’ (1965 Records)
56. Duffy ‘Stepping Stone (Cavemen Remix)’ (A&M Records)
57. Philly ‘Love Action’ (White Label)


Hot damn I’m already looking forward to the weekend. This week the lovely people at CONTROL present a doubleheader of a night with a DJ set by Phillip Jung of M.A.N.D.Y. and a performance by GDD™ favorite Felix Cartal. Felix is making an LA stop on his latest tour to promote his new album, Popular Music which can be purchased on Beatport now. The new CD is absolutely amazing, and it is very apparent that Felix has not slowed down in his talented productions whatsoever. He’ll be cruising around the US until late April so definitely catch him at a spot near you if you can’t make it out to the Avalon this Friday.
Our good friends Pance Party will be gracing the Honey Lounge this week so get on in there to catch a mind-blowing, ear drum kicking, hipster-stomping experience. Oh ya, you know ///BONES will bring the ruckus like always as well.
Please RSVP and send names to JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on our discount ticket list for the evening. Pricing will be as follows:
21+: 10$ before 11pm 15$ after
under 21: 10$ before 11pm 15$ after
*Sorry for the price mix-up here guys. 5$ cheaper now on our list.
21+ enters through the left side Honey Lounge entrance and the youngsters cruise through the main central entrance.
Here are some low quality tracks fresh off of Felix’s new album, so when you decide you love them in 5 minutes, buy his CD won’t ya? And yes, these are all √+ worthy.
How about a nice little killer from the LA duo Cold Blank? yurrrrppppp!

Tyrant Soundsystem member Lee Burridge AND Danny Howells, who will be releasing his new album ‘Landing on Planets’ in March, will be making their way to the Avalon this Friday along with our good friends from technocolorkids opening up for ///BONES in the Honey Lounge. Should be a great night.

Please send RSVPs and names to JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on our discount ticket list for the night.
Here’s a pretty rad vid of Lee on the Beatport stage at Movement 2008.

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN LA! This Saturday will be the 2 year anniversary of the LA Underground Dance Music and Art event like no other, known as DANCEiSM. The bigger of their events, this 2-Year Anniversary will feature the DANCEiSM crew DJs Sean Kim, Doc P (my home slice from shiftyrhythms), Robot Love, ASAA & SP, and of course, Ben Oprstu. This time they have invited me back to play at their big show, as well as our CONTROL Fridays top dog MR. WHITE. The warehouse this one is set to take place in is supposed to be way cleaner and nicer then previous, and will feature one massive stage with mind-fuck-boggling visuals by VJ Fader. Los Angeles, if your down for some great underground talent playing at the safest and closest thing to whichever you attend here in our lovely LA rave circuit 😉
Get yourself ready for the DANCEiSM Festivities with these numbers!


9:00pm—-Sean Kim

10:00pm—Doc P
12:15am—-Ben Oprstu
1:15am—–Robot Love
3:00am—-ASAA & SP


GDD™ is back at the Avalon this week with a YUGE show featuring a live performance by west coast breaks kings, The Crystal Method. These guys have not played a live public show in Los Angeles in 6 years, so expect this Friday to blow your minds.

Please RSVP at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on the discount ticket list.
This week, pricing will be as follows:
21+: 15$ before 11PM and 20$ after
under 21: 20$ before 11PM and 25$ after
Again, 21+ enter through the left side, Honey Lounge entrance, and those under 21 enter through the main entrance.

For those of you that caught the Grammy’s this year, you saw that Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland were nominated for Best Dance/Electronic album with their newest album “Divided By Night”, hence the name of the tour…

Still one of my favorite tracks: