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Time to get weird with Mr. Toks and Colby J. as we bring you The Dirt numero one-forty-cinco. We’ve rounded up the best of the net in this weeks downloads, and we’ve got a lot of variety for you to pick from. From vibey house, to rock-n-roll edits, to some downtempo and experimental tunes, all your bases are covered. As per usual, scoop up the lot of them in the .zip’s, should you be so intrigued. So sit back, press play, and ride out to the tunes we’ve put together.

Toks’ Dirt #145 .zip (Tracks 1-5)
Colby J.’s Dirt #145 .zip (Tracks 6-10)

The stoic enigma, Steven N. himself, and I are here with our top 10 free downloads of the week, all .zip’d up like eskimos deep in the Alaskan tundra. A lot of different vibes represented this week as our eclectic tastes represent themselves in free download fashion.  Trippy ear visuals from myself; then plenty of pitched down vocals and screwed up vibes from Steven.  Dare I say more?

The Dirt #134: Colby J.’s .zip
The Dirt #134: Steven N. Ewald’s .zip

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Being the newest writer at GDD it is an honor to be able to bring you my top tracks at the moment, as well as pair up with an artist like JeromeLOL for my first ever Dirt segment. I’ve been quite the festival creature lately, and being blasted by so much electro and prog house has my ears exhausted. With that being said, these picks from myself are more or less the tunes I bump on the way there/home in order to create some sense of balance. Big thanks to JeromeLoL for taking the time to collab and be sure to check out his most recent mix, perfect for cruising around in your Subaru.

The Dirt #121.zip

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