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There’s something viciously nostalgic about french house producer Panteros666 latest LP Hyper Reality. This new album released by one of my favorite labels, Bromance Records, seamlessly blends 90’s hardcore rave samples and dark house vibes, unquestionably inducing you into a convulsion of no return.  Hyper Reality converges into a musical concept like no other, there’s no doubt an alien abduction took place and the message is… DESTROY!

Panteros666 aka Victor Watel has spent years developing his cyber-pscychedelic aesthetic, cleverly molding genres from acid techno to future bass, and even some southern rap influences.  Expect drone-type vocal samples, steady bass lines, apocalyptic synths and just an overall invitation to another dimension. Definitely not an album for the faint of heart.  Check out the Hyper Reality mini mix and what Panteros666 crafted for his live shows… the future is here!


French foursome, Club Cheval (consisting of Canblaster, Panteros666, Sam Tiba, and Myd), are releasing the 6th EP out on Brodi and Manu Barron’s label, Bromance, today accompanied by a music video for the A-side, “Decisions.” Aptly self-described as “Rave N’ B,” the Decisions EP consists of a heavy serving of Bass on the eponymous A-side, while the B-side “Vanilla Girl” utilizes sultry female vocals in an homage to early 00’s R&B. Pick it up on iTunes now.


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The new single from Usher has immersed itself completely in the dance music community in the past few weeks, with a staggering 9 acclaimed producers remixing the original for RCA. Today, 3 producers from Europe that you wouldn’t really expect to hop on board an Usher track have done just that; with Marble‘s Surkin, Made to Play‘s Oliver $, and the French supergroup, Club Cheval, all trying their hand at the commercial release. Stream all 3 of them and find out which one is my favorite below. Continue Reading

Another split single EP was just released yesterday on Brodinski‘s Bromance Records and as the two EPs before it, EP#3 is an instant summer must-have. The first single comes from the ‘can-do-no-wrong’ collaboration between labelhead Brodi and the clever vocalist, Louisahhh!!!. Bouncy Techno elopes with Louisahhh’s repetitive vocals, and ‘Nobody rules These Streets, Not Like Me’ quickly gets caught up in the brain. The second single, ‘Now U Realize,’ comes from the supergroup from France known as Club Cheval (Canblaster, Sam Tiba, Panteros666, Myd). Don’t try to put this one in a genre because you’ll find that you need about 5 to really lock down all the different sounds that this power quartet have included. Stream below and pick up both tracks on Beatport now. √+ Continue Reading

As if the EDM acts coming out of France weren’t killing it already, another French outfit called Club Cheval (Canblaster, Myd, Sam Tiba & Panteros666) is quickly making its mark in this competitive industry as one of the most radical acts of the moment. In the midst of their upcoming EP on Bromance Records, the four-piece monster group just released an exclusive preview in mixtape form for Dazed & Confused Magazine. The tape features their very first original track.  Download free!  >:) devil

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Cédric Steffens, AKA Canblaster, has seen a meteoric rise in the dance music community in the past year or so. The young French producer who once composed music for video games now has a residency at Club Cheval as well as a whole lot of respect from some of the biggest players in the game. His sporatic yet seemingly collected style boasts his productional prowess in addition to a constant yearning for a divergence from monotony. Give a listen to this remix he procured for the London-based quartet, O. Children, and keep your eyes out for Canblaster coming to LA very soon 😉

O.Children- Fault Line (Canblaster remix) by Deadly People