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Last week I got to quickly catch up with one of my newest favorite people to share a LOL with, Petey from North Carolina duo Clicks & Whistles. I first discovered Clicks & Whistles when AC Slater intro’d me to their EP that was to be released on his label Party Like Us… since then I’ve grown to have a large appreciation for the Clicks & Whistles sound, a sort of Southern-influenced intelligent interpretation of dance music. From tracks like “Fumando” (on Salva’s Frite Nite imprint) to “2 Much Higher” (on Kastle’s Symbols), Clicks & Whistles combine engineering prowess with Dirty South background to anthemic and danceable effect.

What I enjoy most about Petey is his infectious charisma that flows seamlessly from his DJ sets to his personality. Whenever he’s around the air is light-hearted which is a great asset to have. To be quite honest I had completely forgotten my sheet of questions so most of this is a bit willy nilly and was oft-interjected by 12th Planet and Protohype interjecting with a question or noise… but even so Petey and I handled it like absolute pro’s and shared many a LOL which is sort of the point, so here we go:

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In honor of Sesame Street, today is brought to you exclusively by the number 12. One of my favorite DJs and all-around standup guy 12th Planet is ready to shake the Earth tonight with his massive show THE END tonight at Exchange LA. Supported by an amazing lineup of Salva, Two Fresh, DallasK, and Clicks & Whistles,  it’s 12thy’s evening of all evenings, with the planets aligning just right for 12/12/12.

In honor of THE END, I asked 12th Planet for 12 things he’d like to do before the apocalypse. True-to-form, he delivered superbly entertaining answers. Go ahead and check them out after the jump and find out how you can win a pair of tickets to his show TONIGHT.

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Next up from San Francisco label Frite Nite is Clicks & Whistles‘ double-sided “Fumando / Southern Slaw”. Notorious for their symbiotic use of floaty synth patterns and bass-rattling undertones, Clicks & Whistles uniquely combines their Charlotte origins with intelligent and forward-thinking musical concepts. Frite Nite, Salva‘s well stacked label, is the perfect platform for the release, itself a major advocate of new, boundary pushing sounds.

I’m a big fan of the stuff Salva pushes… he’s got a finely-tuned ear that enables him to push weirder, uniquely crafted songs but still be able to blast through speakers to grab anyone’s attention, and keep it. Like they say on the release, “these tunes are a just a touch more intelligent than your average club banger, weird enough to keep the elitists engaged and still destroy on a big sound system.” So there you have it. Both drippy & upbeat tunes with southern rap influences, they take a crafty and wiser look at the new generation of trap music.

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