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It’s another tight & crispy dark raver from our man Clancy on his remix of “Float Away” by Yousef and The Angel.  Nobody does a big, deep, rumbling bass better than Clancy.  Ominous vocals cascading over a pulsating, trance-like beat, this one has all the makings of a throwback rave in the middle of a forest.  Rave away.

Out now via FFRR.



Clancy continues to thrive as one of House music’s best mood setters.  Whether it’s a one on one exchange with a beautiful stranger on a dark dance floor or a late night drive through the Hollywood Hills, the mood is always elevated when Clancy’s sounds are pulsating through the speakers.  His latest track, “Take It Slow”, is another quality mood setter that gives you a feeling like you’re about to do bad things but makes you end up realizing that making wrong decisions & doing bad things were the right things to do all along.

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Our Manchester man Clancy is back with a brand new EP entitlted “Overdue”.  An aptly titled EP – regardless of how prolific a producer Clancy has become, it always feels like we’re due for more.  The title track along with another original, “Can’t You See Me”, are exactly what we’ve come to expect from Clancy: dark pulsating Deep Electro/Deep House that will rattle the foundation & the melt the dance floor of any club they’re played in.  Toss in a Deep House pumper from GDD homeboy URULU and you’ve got yourself one fantastic EP.

“Overdue” EP is out February 10th via Dirt Crew sub label S P I E L.
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After fantastic remixes of Ellie Goulding, Little Dragon & Beaumont, Clancy is really starting to hit his stride.  Clancy is on point once again with his remix game, this time remixing the new Magician track “When The Night Is Over”.  Clancy adds his signature deep components, extracting & layering just the right amount of vocals & dropping a monstrous, pulsating bassline for another deep, dark + sexy remix.

The Magician’s “When The Night Is Over” remix EP is out NOW with additional remixes by Brodinski, Claptone & Ejeca.
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It’s been a wonderful year for one of our favorite artists from across the pond, Clancy.  The UK producer is on a year long hot streak with a string of outstanding remixes & original work.  Today we feature his brand new “What You Do” EP, out later this month on the brand new sublabel SPIEL.  We were able to catch up with Clancy and ask him a few questions about the new EP, about his year so far in 2013 & about life in the UK.  Here’s’ what he had to say…
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Ellie Goulding covers Alt-J.
Clancy remixes Ellie Goulding covering Alt-J.
DJs play Clancy’s remix of Ellie Goulding covering Alt-J.
Dance floors swoon.

While Clancy is finally starting to get some major label recognition with this most recent remix of Ellie Goulding, he has certainly remained the UK’s favorite secret weapon among many top bloggers. Clancy’s become one of the most exciting & prolific producers over the last twelve months & is always on point with his original production & his remix work.  Clancy’s remix of “Tessellate” is another piece of quality deep house/deep disco, transforming the Ellie Goulding cover into a seductive dance floor track complete with a big Danny Daze-like pulsating bassline.  Take a listen & get mesmerized…
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Not much else needs to be said about Clancy that we haven’t already said before.  We love his sound & how he always seems to find the perfect balance between deep disco & deep house.  Clancy elevates his game on each new track he puts out.  His latest track, “The Way You Dance”, is a hypnotizing deep track with a repetitive groove.  Even if you found yourself alone on the dance floor, “The Way You Dance” has the kind of infectious, repetitive groove that makes you just not give a damn, as long as you’re dancing.

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Over the last 12 months, Gotta Dance Dirty has posted everything Clancy has released – four original tracks and two remixes (of Little Dragon and Beaumont).  The reason we’ve done so is simple – Clancy is as solid as they come.  Just as he’s done on his previous tracks, Clancy seamlessly fuses together all the right elements of house and disco on his latest track “Sleepless Nights” and delivers another surefire, can’t-go-wrong dance floor hit.

Sir Clancy finally got around to setting up a Facebook page…give him a like (HERE) and grab “Sleepless Nights” for free!

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Holographic People of Barcelona is back with a pair of deep groovy downloads from two of their awesome artists that have me dreaming of summer. First up is this bouncy “deep-piano” original from Clancy. Make sure to check out his remix of Little Dragon’s  “Little Man” too! Easily one of my favorite tracks of 2012.

Next we have Shelby Grey‘s self-proclaimed “Dream-wave 90’s Balearic” remix of Saint Lou Lou. Stay warm, friends!


One of our favorite deep disco producers, Clancy, keeps the Halloween vibe going with his remix of the aptly titled “Vampire” by Beaumont.  Much like his previous and equally amazing remix of Little Dragon, Clancy’s remix of Beaumont is a noir-ish disco remix that will leave dance floors feeling sexy and deep.

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