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CrookersCiao Recs revealed its third release yesterday from Italian duo, Dilligas, who have put together a 2-track EP titled Loud in which Crookers collaborates on the title track. ‘Loud’ is an interesting mix of a Big Room anthem with a classic Crookers bounce, and the B-side “Slow Things Down” is literally all over the place with its BPM change-ups and wonky leads. Support already in from Diplo, Rustie, Craze, and of course, Crookers. Preview the EP below and pick it up on Beatport.

The second EP on Crookers‘ new imprint, Ciao Recs, has been released today, and it comes from London-based duo, Louis Benoit — two producers (Unitz + Arc 88) that had previously worked individually before coming together and producing the Clark Kent EP, which Crookers just couldn’t pass up. The title track brings back memories of the glory days of Electro in 2008 — wonky, crunched-out synth leads matched with thumping, relentless bass — while the B-side “What’s Your Angle?” incorporates a Progressive build-up before dropping a deep, bassline that pummels into the Techno realm. Support already in from Boys Noize, Riton, Crookers, and more. Pick it up on Beatport.