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Finishing up the 4th release of his 4-EP project, Christoph Andersson illuminates his productional diversity with this druggy, poppy, and vocally-infused release titled Getaway. Although it still shares some similarities with prior releases such as Tuxedo, Capital, and Metropol, this 4th release really takes the Christoph style into a pop artist’s perspective, rather than a DJ/producer’s. I’m very interested in what’s coming next for this talented, young producer. Let me know what you guys think. Also, you may now pick up all 4 of Christoph’s releases on nearly all major digital retailers, so head over and pick up the other 3 releases if you haven’t already.

Christoph Andersson – Getaway (Original Mix)



Big ups to our reader submitted GDD babe of the week!

After a short hiatus for the festive season, we’re back to bring you the first Dirt of 2011! Starting the year off strong, this week we’ve a fresh 14 in store, accumulating some of the hottest tracks in tropical tech, disco-house, electro and dubstep. Fear not Dirty Dancers, we will indeed be back with another helping next week. Whether it lands on a Wednesday or Saturday is up to the powers that be, but feel free to stick your oar in by voicing your thoughts on our facebook page and the comments section below.

Without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to dish The Dirt, number 22…

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Christoph Andersson has just completed his 3rd production in the 4-track release project on his own label Hurst Recordings, and the feel-good, sunny day track, ‘Metropol,’ is slated for digital distribution January 25th on all major retailers. Grab the 192 here, and make sure to keep an eye out for his final release, ‘Getaway,’ in upcoming months.
Also, if you haven’t already, check out the interview we did with Christoph for his last release HERE.

With the recent increasing democratization in electronic music production, the EDM community has seen a rapid aggrandizement of young, talented musicians making some great music all over the world. We at GDD™ have always been supportive of these young guys, and today I would like to keep it going by introducing you to someone you may or may not have heard of yet. Christoph Andersson is a ripe 18 years of age, and currently resides in New Orleans where much of his musical inspiration is originated from. He is in the midst of a 4 track release project on his own label, Hurst Recordings, with his debut track ‘Tuxedo’ receiving some great critical acclaim from the blogosphere as well as online publications such as XLR8R and RCRD LBL.

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