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British 4-piece, The Egg, have been around the block. The early 90s saw the 4 lads come together in Oxford before releasing their debut album, Albumen, on China Records in 1996. Since then, The Egg have been impressively consistent — releasing 3 additional studio albums (4 if you count the Forwards Special Edition), 3 live albums, and over a handful of singles including the massive 2006 collaborative hit with David Guetta that may have gotten some of you into dance music, “Love Don’t Let Me Go (Walking Away).” Most recently, the quartet released the incredibly relevant and forward-thinking studio album, Something To Do, on Squarepeg Records, and I’ve been completely blown away by it. Characterized by beguiling vocals, dancefloor-oriented percussion, and deep, techy basslines that evoke a overwhelming sense of groove, Something To Do is the definition of a successful dance music studio album made by veterans of the sound. The lads have made the entire album available for stream on their Soundcloud, so while I suggest you buy the LP immediately, you can also head on down below to preview Something To Do. My favs are “A Bit” + “Fire.” √++ Continue Reading