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Our compadre Viceroy released a new track earlier this week.  The song is called “Dream of Bombay” and it features vocals by the lovely & talented Chela.  While “Dream of Bombay” still drips with Viceroy’s signature sunshine, this time around it’s less on the tropical side, hitting on a more new wave, electro-disco sound.  The vocals are sweet and the sound is warm & dreamy.  And just like most other Viceroy tunes, it’s catchy as hell & already making its way up the Hype Machine Popular Chart.

“Dream of Bombay” is out now via Chookie [BUY HERE] and coming soon will be remixes by Bit Funk, Alfa, Bufi & Wax Motif.  And if that weren’t enough, there’s a wonderful video to accompany this fantastic tune.  Yes, please.  And THANK YOU.

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Our friends over at Vitalic Noise have gifted something rather special for us today. It’s a mix-tape consisting of pretty much all unreleased gems by their star-studded cast of artists including: Miami Horror, Goldroom, Viceroy, DCUP, Grafton Primary, Knightlife, Chela, and Good Night Keaton. See if you can guess who’s who! Also, If you’ll be in New York for CMJ, be sure to check out the Vitalic Noise Showcase HERE.